Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Solemnity of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul 2010

On the day of 29 June
The solemnity of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Simon, son of Jona and brother of Andrew, first among the disciples, professed Jesus to be the Christ, the Son of the living God, by Whom he was named Peter. Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, preached Christ crucified to Jews and Greeks. With faith and love both proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Rome and died as martyrs under the emperor Nero: the first, according to tradition, affixed to a cross upside down and buried at the Vatican near the Via Triumphalis, the second suffered death by the sword and was interred on the Ostian Way; on this day the whole world celebrates their triumph with equal honor and veneration.
Source: USCCB website

Holy, Glorious, and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us poor sinners, now and at the hour of our death! Amen.

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Deus said...

I can't find your email contact so I'm posting my letter in the comment box of your latest blog entry. I hope you don't mind.

Here it goes:

Your conversion story is brilliant. Your website is an invaluable wealth of information when dealing with Orthodox. I just found it a few days ago and I’m in awe.

I have a few questions:

1. Did the Photian synod/council of 879-880 abrogated and annulled ALL the decisions of The Eight General Ecumenical Council of 869 (Constantinople IV)?

2. If yes, did the act of the Photian synod of 879-880 reach Pope John VIII?

3. Did Pope John VIII agree to the Photian synod?

4. Did Pope John VIII anathematized and excommunicate Photius after the Photian Synod?

5. Or did Pope John VIII reconciled Photius post the Photian Synod?

5. If the answer to #3 is "no," the answer to #4 is "no," and the answer to #5 is "yes"" (I gather this from your blog), then do explain why the Pope reconciled Photius knowing he blatantly lied and reverted back to the man he was on 869 (the year Photius made his first accusation on Rome)?