Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catholic Wonderworker Project Updates

I finished the following wonderworkers this week (bold indicates there is a picture or icon):
  1. St. Emilina of Longeville (discalced Cistercian nun) [1115-10/27/1178]
  2. Bl. Beatrix of Valfleury (Cisterian foundress & first prioress of convent of Our Lady of Nazareth near Lier) [†7/29/1269]
  3. St. Benevenuto Scotivoli of Osimo (Franciscan bishop of Osimo) [†3/22/1282]
  4. St. Leonard of Reresby (Crusader) [†11/6/13th c.]
  5. St. Obitius of Brescia (Benedictine monk) [1150-2/4/1204]
  6. Bl. Simon of Aulne (Cistercian lay brother) [†11/6/1215]
  7. Bl. Pope Benedict XI of Rome (Niccolo Boccasini of Treviso: Dominican who authored several commentaries on Sacred Scripture) [1240-7/7/1304]
  8. Bl. Balthasar Ravaschieri of Chiavari (Franciscan priest & preacher) [1420-10/17/1492]
  9. St. Nuño de Santa Maria Álvares Pereira of Portugal (widower Carmelite lay brother) [6/24/1360-11/1/1431]
  10. St. Alexander Sauli of Milan (blue-blooded Superior-General of Barnabites, bishop of Aleria, bishop of Pavia, & Apostle of Corsica) [2/15/1534-10/11/1592]
  11. Bl. Maria Crucified Satellico of Venice (Elisabetta Maria Satellico: Poor Clare abbess) [12/31/1706-11/8/1745]
  12. Bl. Maria Louise Merkert of Nysa (nun co-foundress of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth) [9/27/1817-11/14/1872]
  13. Bl. Alberto Marvelli of Italy (lay member of Catholic Action) [3/21/1918-10/5/1946]
  14. Bl. Anna Schaeffer of Mindelstetten (laywoman) [2/18/1882-10/5/1925]
  15. Bl. Eugenia Picco of Milan (Superior General of Congregation of the Little Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) [11/8/1867-9/7/1921]
  16. Bl. Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno (priest founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy) [10/11/1831-3/17/1905]

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