Thursday, January 21, 2010

Philosophy of Aquinas Notes Day One

With Prof. Gyula Klima, Ph.D.

Gyula Klima = Joo-lah Klee-mah

Aquinas did commentaries on Aristotle – wrote commentaries on Aristotle’s Physics (On Generation & Corruption) – besides these works he never wrote major philosophical tracts per se, only opuscula (minor works)

Philosophical wisdom attainable by natural reason – leads up to divine wisdom – theological wisdom must be attained by the light of faith

Some articles of faith beyond human philosophical understanding – like the Holy Eucharist: substance of the body of Christ without the accidents of His body – substance is something that is not an inherent characteristic of something else – an accident is something that is inherent in something else – Aquinas always pressing for a rational explanation of something that cannot be proven by reason, but can be shown to be possible by reason (i.e., not violating the law of non-contradiction)

Collapse of entire philosophical tradition that really culminated in Aquinas' time and waned a couple of centuries later: Scholasticism – produced very unified but complex system of thought (all aspects of reality systemically reflected on) – shared set of principles and definitely a shared set of concepts (at most conservatively modified among different authors)

Hylomorphism = substances composed of matter and form

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