Friday, January 29, 2010

Modernism Taught In A Catholic College

Soon I will talk about a class with a famous theologian that I took last year. Although I am very grateful for the charity and love this feminist writer showed toward me, I unfortunately cannot deny that she is tainted with modernism, indifferentism, panentheism, and syncretism, and that in one class she sanctioned the homosexual lifestyle when she said that justice demands that homosexual domestic partners deserve health benefits, etc.

Recently I got to one of my classes early, and saw a PowerPoint slide that the teacher of the previous class put up. On this slide it said that all religions are paths to the same summit, one of the most naive and soul-destroying statements one can make.

The following errors condemned by the wonderworking Pope St. Pius X of Rome (r. 8/5/1903-8/20/1914) were taught yesterday in one of my classes; I tried to combat them, but not valiantly enough, for which I apologize to the Lord:
27. The divinity of Jesus Christ is not proved from the Gospels. It is a dogma which the Christian conscience has derived from the notion of the Messias.
30. In all the evangelical texts the name "Son of God" is equivalent only to that of "Messias." It does not in the least way signify that Christ is the true and natural Son of God.
32. It is impossible to reconcile the natural sense of the Gospel texts with the sense taught by our theologians concerning the conscience and the infallible knowledge of Jesus Christ.
34. The critics can ascribe to Christ a knowledge without limits only on a hypothesis which cannot be historically conceived and which is repugnant to the moral sense. That hypothesis is that Christ as man possessed the knowledge of God and yet was unwilling to communicate the knowledge of a great many things to His disciples and posterity.

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