Sunday, October 25, 2009

Notes On St. Basil's On the Human Condition

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Aristotle: women was a not-yet-fully-formed man, so to some extent she was an imperfect human; Platonist model: one could only love/have a kinship with one’s equal –
Chrysostom: men & women can be equals in Christ – but Chrysostom's pastoral advice is completely laden with patriarchal roles
Basil is the least victimized by his era in terms of his view of male-female equality
Order of deaconess survives in the Eastern Church until the 10th century – order exploded in 4th century (trusted nuns could take active role in catechizing adult women converts, and baptism, which was done in the nude)
All clerics receive Eucharist in altar prior to reception by the laity (in the Orthodox rite), but there is debate on whether deaconesses receive at same time as clerics
Basil was ever the pragmatist
No "Jesus is my buddy" in the 4th century – horribly anachronistic – Apostles were not friends of Jesus, because they were not equals: Jesus was the Teacher and they were Disciples, so they were not friends in the classical Greek category of friendship
Susanna Elm argues that one of reasons for Basil pushing away from Eustathius is that the latter had women shave their heads – she argues that Basil was not willing to endorse something so politically radical; Basil was probably sufficiently radical to say that male & female souls are equal
All marriage in late antiquity is a political game – children were political pawns
Basil's family: "this is what a good girl does"
Long-time scholarly consensus: no question whatsoever that if you were a late-antiquity or middle age women and you wanted to move beyond birth status, asceticism was the ONLY path to doing so (only way to get authority, learning, etc.)
Migne = Minn-yuh
Modern environmental movement until last 15 years, saw Christianity as the enemy to the environment – British colonists understood injunctions in Genesis as “to subdue and tame the world”
Here in US the religious right is bedfellows with political right, & the latter are, for who knows what reason, staunchly anti-environmental
Rule, not tyranny
What is Basil doing with this text? How is the text functioning in his presentation?

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