Friday, September 18, 2009


Very busy cataloging the miracles attributed to many Catholic and Eastern Orthodox saints from the 11th century to the present. Each day I'm adding lots of names, biographical blurbs, hyperlinked references, and icons/photos/illustrations as I methodically scour the calendars of the respective churches. Each icon in the Wonderworker Project Progress posts means the update was from the Sunday or later of the current week. As of today, I have gone through the entire OCA calendar in my Word document listing all the ones I found,{1} but have yet to add dozens of these names to the site.

Notes & References
{1} Some of these post 11th-century wonderworkers have no biographical information on the OCA site, so those are the only ones I might have missed. I've tried to get info on them from other sites, sometimes with success. I've even added ones without biographical entries/details that nonetheless have the appellation "Wonderworker" or a similar title in their respective entries.

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