Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On My List of Post-1054 Common Saints

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In the Ship-of-Fools forum, IngoB cited my recent "Post-1054 Common Saints" list, and the fact that St. Gregory Palamas is officially a saint of the Catholic Church. The user ---Andrew--- replied as follows:

Come on, IngoB! This is almost comical!

That list contains people who said in very explicit terms that the Latins (the Catholics of their time) were influenced by Satan, and that they were corrupting the faith of the Apostles. They also believed that the one church was the Orthodox Church.

And now you want to claim those people as Saints in the Catholic Church?
According to the reliable sources I used,{1} Mother Church has approved these saints for veneration, and the Church knows better than IngoB and I. I've been trying to find the full rationale for allowing veneration of these saints in light of extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the anti-Latin statements of some of these saints, and pending that discovery, my original statement in the post suffices:"St. Gregory Palamas was a formal heretic and schismatic, but the Church acknowledges that he repented before he died, or else she would not sanction his veneration."

Notes & References
{1} These reliable sources are the Roman Martyrology itself, Butler's Lives of the Saints, Catholic Saints Online, John Delaney's Dictionary of Saints, the Byzantine Monthly Menaion published by the Metropolitan Cantor Institute, the Menaion of Most Rev. Joseph Raya used by Melkite Greek Catholics, the Benedictine Monks of Ramsgate, Heiligenlexikon.de, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Menaion of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg.

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