Monday, August 10, 2009

Christ Is A Divine Person, Not A Human Person

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1. True: (A) Being human (having human nature) entails being a person, i.e., all persons that are human beings must have a human nature. This is what Dr. Michael Liccione says.

Christ Is A Human Person → Nestorianism
2. Christ is not a human person, because if Christ as man is a person, then we have the Nestorian blasphemy of two persons: God the Word and the man Jesus of Nazareth [Summa Theologica III, q. 16, art. 12, corp.]. Instead we confess that Jesus of Nazareth is an uncreated divine person with a human nature, and so He is a human being. For the divine "person subsisting in His human nature is" eternal and "not caused by the principles of the human nature" [ad 1].

3. False: (B) Being human (having human nature) entails being a human person. Pace Daniel Photios Jones, Dr. Liccione does not affirm (B).

Ordo Theologiae
4. (B) is false because then positing two natures in Christ (Dyophysitism) would entail two persons in Christ (Nestorianism). The ordo theologiae of the Nestorians is two natures → two persons, while the ordo theologiae of the Monophysites is one person → one nature.

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