Thursday, April 16, 2009

Final Freshman English Paper on Gay Marriage

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The following is an outline of my final English Composition & Rhetoric paper of freshman year at Fordham:
1. Introduction – antithesis vs. thesis
2. Media portrayal of homosexuality
3. Religious perspectives on homosexuality
4. Gay rights by country
5. Overview: negative impact on health & 1973 APA change
6. M2M negative physical health effects
7. F2F negative physical health effects
8. M2M & F2F negative mental health effects
9. Motivations for SSM (benefits desired)
10. Summary: why not SSM?
11. Negative effect of SSM on children
12. Objection: Black Civil Rights Analogy
13. Objection: Founding Fathers
14. Objection: Born Gay
15. Objection: Immutable Orientation
16. Objection: Religious Bigotry
17. What Should Be Done? Pastoral Care for Homosexuals
18. Conclusion

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