Thursday, November 06, 2008

Metropolitan St. Michael I of Kiev

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1. September 30 is the feast day of Metropolitan St. Michael I of Kiev. In 989 Patriarch Nicholas II Chrysoberges of Constantinople sent Greek and Bulgarian clergymen, including Metropolitan St. Michael, to Kiev at the invitation of the recently baptized King St. Vladimir I the Great. St. Michael brought Slavonic church service books, holy relics, icons, and church furnishings to Kiev, and he baptized King St. Vladimir’s 12 sons and the Kievan citizens who went to the Dnieper River.

2. Then the industrious St. Michael, the first Metropolitan of Kiev, did his best to eliminate superstitious paganism in the land. Lots of churches were constructed and many monasteries were established while St. Michael illumined Kiev with the Catholic faith. In Rostov he set up the first wooden church honoring the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotókos, and made Theodore the Greek the bishop of Rostov.

3. St. Michael was full of virtue; he was wise, gentle yet strict, humble, zealous, wise, hardworking, modest, and pious. A true spiritual father of his parish, he appointed priests and selected the most qualified teachers to rear children in virtue. Four Bulgarian princes and a khan of Prcheneg were baptized into the Catholic Church while St. Michael was Metropolitan. The great prelate sent Monk Mark to preach the faith to Muslim Bulgarians who lived along the Volga River.

4. After St. Michael reposed in the Lord in 992, he was laid to rest in the Desyatin-Tithe Church of the Most Holy Theotókos in Kiev. In 1103 Abbot Theoctistus saw to it that his holy relics were transferred to the Antoniev Cave. On 10/1/1730, his relics were moved to the Dormition Cathedral of the Caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lava, where they remain to this day.

5. St. Michael, pray that God saves us sinners and graces us with such righteousness as he blessed you. Please pray that the Russian Orthodox Church comes back into communion with the Apostolic See!

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