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Church Fathers vs. Eastern Orthodoxy I: The Papacy

The papacy today is nothing like the papacy the Church Fathers knew

Eight Distinctively Catholic Patristic Teachings on the Papacy
The pre-schism Eastern and Western Fathers alike, starting with the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, teach that (1) heterodoxy will never prevail over the Roman see; (2) the pope of Rome is the supreme pastor of the universal Church; (3) disobedience of Rome is unacceptable; (4) final doctrinal decisions rest with Rome; (5) the pope has the special authority to teach the entire Christian world; (6) St. Peter is the prince of Apostles who rules over them; (7) this authoritative primacy of Rome is permanent and non-transferable; (8) communion with Rome is necessary.{1} So too, with the pre-schism Ecumenical Councils, especially Ephesus, Chalcedon, Constantinople III, and Nicaea II.{2} The same was not said and cannot be said of the other four ancient sees.{3}

Pope St. Gregory VII of Rome (Ildebrando de Soana = Hildebrand of Soana) [1020-5/25/1085]

We can gather (1)-(8) from the witness of the following:
Ecumenical Councils: Ephesus (431), Chalcedon (451), Constantinople III (680), Nicaea II (787)
Popes: St. Clement I the Martyr, St. Siricius, St. Leo I the Great (Doctor), St. Gregory I the Great of Rome (Doctor), Adrian I
Patriarchs: St. John Chrysostom the Great of Constantinople (Doctor), St. Flavian the Martyr of Constantinople, St. Anatolius the Martyr of Constantinople, Macedonius II the Confessor of Constantinople, St. Mennas of Constantinople, St. Sophronius of Jerusalem, St. Tarasius of Constantinople, St. Nicephorus of Constantinople
Bishops: St. Ignatius the Martyr of Antioch, St. Irenaeus the Martyr of Lyons, St. Cyprian the Martyr of Carthage, St. Optatus of Milevis, St. Augustine the Great of Hippo (Doctor), St. Asterius of Amasia, St. Peter Chrysologus of Ravenna (Doctor), St. Fulgentius of Ruspe, Stephen of Dora
Abbots: St. Columba of Ireland, St. Theodore the Studite of Constantinople
Hieromonks: St. Jerome the Great of Stridon (Doctor)
Priests: St. Philip of Rome
Deacons: St. Ephrem the Syrian (Doctor)
Monks: Bachiarius of Spain, St. John Cassian, St. Maximus the Confessor of Constantinople
Emperors: St. Theodosius the Great (1/17), St. Justinian I the Great (11/14)
Historians: Socrates Scholasticus, Salminius Hermias Sozomen

Notes & References
{1} "Seeds of Papal Infallibility Dogma Pre-Vatican I." The Banana Republican. 9 Sept. 2008. 1 Nov. 2008 <>.
{2} Ibid.
{3} I've pointed out that
The see of Constantinople was plagued by Arianism (Eusebius, Eudoxius), Semi-Arianism (Macedonius), Monophysitism (Acacius, Phravitas, Euphemius, Timothy I, Anthimus), Nestorianism (Nestorius), and Monothelitism (Sergius I, Pyrrhus, Paul II, Peter, John VI). The poisonous smoke of Satan billowed into the see of Antioch in the form of Docetism, Modalism=Sabellianism (Paul of Samosata), Arianism (Eulalius, Euphronius), Nestorianism, Monophysitism (Peter the Fuller, John Codonatus, Palladius, Severus, Sergius, Paul the Black, Peter Callinicum), and Monothelitism (Anthanasius, Macedonius, Macarius). The see of Alexandria succumbed to Monophysitism (Dioscorus, Timothy Aelurus, Peter Mongo, Athanasius II, John II, John III, Timothy III, Theodosius, Damianus) after its wicked rejection of the canons of the Council of Chalcedon in A.D. 451, and was also preyed upon by Monothelitism (Cyrus). Jerusalem succumbed to Monophysitism (Juvenal) and Origenism (Eustachius).

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