Thursday, October 30, 2008

19th Birthday

I am officially 19! Praise the Lord; I've made it this far and am blessed to be alive and well and have such loving and providing family and friends who give me shelter and food and books and movies and supplies but far more importantly shower me with the gifts of love and hope and faith. Thank you everyone for wishing me such a happy birthday, for by the providence of the supreme God Who is beyond goodness, your wish has come true! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ Almighty, my Savior! Thank you St. Raphael the Archangel, especially, for praying for me and noticeably interceding on my behalf before our eternal Lord Who is the Lamb of God and very God Himself. I love you, God! I love my family!!! A special shoutout, as well, to my teammates! May God bless you all with good health and keep you free of injuries and make you strong of heart so that you run your best time!!!
With love in Christ,

The Banana Republican


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