Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008 Log

Breakfast: none

Lunch: none (napped instead)

Pre-workout snack: four Utz pretzel rods and water

Workout: warm-up, hill loop at brisker pace, 35 minute fartlek
Mileage: 7

Dinner: one glass blue Powerade, one half glass water, 2 glasses Cherry Coke, three slices pizza (two plain, one pepperoni), one grilled cheese (American cheese on white bread), salad (lettuce, zesty Italian dressing, two grape tomatoes, slices of American cheese, slices of carrots), one bowl Lucky Charms with whole milk, one bowl Frosted Flakes with whole milk, one Granny Smith apple, one red plum.

Second Dinner: 20 oz. Cherry Coke (!!! hypocrisy and weakness !!!), 32 oz. Fruit Punch Powerade, 1/2 bag Lays Potato chips, a couple of America's Choice original Pringles-style chips, a couple of handfuls of goldfish, ham and cheese sandwich (lettuce & tomato, no mayo)

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