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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 17th Century

17th Century
Ahmed the Calligrapher (convert from Islam & layman new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†5/3/1682] - (1)
Andrew of Totma (fool-for-Christ) [1638-10/10/1673] - (1) Azhibokai cured of blindness when he washed his eyes with snow where Andrew had stood before he fled from the blind man's offer of lots of money; (2) foresaw his death; (3) many other miracles during his lifetime; (4) many miracles at his grave

Anthony of Leokhonov, Novgorod (abbot) [1526-9/14/1611] - (1) clairvoyance; (2) prophesied that his body would repose in his wilderness-monastery; (3) posthumously appeared thrice to his disciple Gregory and said, "Brother Gregory, go to Novgorod, tell Metropolitan Cyprian and the elders of the city that they should put me in the place of my monastery"; (4) incorrupt relics; (5) posthumously cured Joseph of blindness when his relics were uncovered on 7/13/1620; (6) many other posthumous miracles

Athanasius of Brest-Litovsk (monk martyred by Roman Catholics for his opposition to the Unia) [1597-9/5/1648] - (1) relics uncovered incorrupt on 5/1/1649, eight months after his death; (2) many miracles from his relics; (3) portion of his relics survived an 11/8/1815 fire that melted the copper reliquary
Athanasius III of Constantinople, Wonderworker of Lubensk (Alexis Patelarios: anti-Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople) [1560-4/5/1654] - (1) foresaw his death; (2) many posthumous miracles
Basil of Mangazea, Siberia (child virgin-martyr) [1587-3/23/1600] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2)
Bassian of Tikhsnen, Vologda (monk) [†9/12/1624] - (1) posthumously healed many people of a plague when they visited his tomb in 1647

Bidzina of Georgia (prince & great-martyr) [†9/18/1661] - (1) Heavenly light illumined his body at night

Bogolep of Moscow (Boris Umakov: child schemamonk) [1660-8/1/1667] - (1) fasted from breastmilk on Wednesdays and Fridays; (2) when church bells rang he cried until he was brought into church and if he was not brought to church he would cry and refuse to eat all day; (3) when he suffered from scales he prophesied, "Lo, ye wilt see for yourselves, when ye tonsure and grant me the angelic garb, I shall be well;" the next day his health was completely restored and his face was clear and without a trace of infirmity; (4) myriad posthumous healings; (5) when his grave floated away he repeatedly appeared to people while they were awake and while they slept to let them know that he would be spiritually present with them

Cornelius of Pereslavyl (Conon: monk) [†7/22/1693] - (1) relics found incorrupt nine years after his repose

Cyriacus of Bisericani, Romania (cave-dwelling hermit) [†12/31/1660] - (1) conquered demons; (2) unceasing prayer

Dimitry of Basarbov (Bulgarian monk) [†10/26/1685] - (1) ; (2)
Diodorus of George Hill, Solovki (Diomid/Damian: abbot of Yuregorsk) [†11/27/1633] - (1) incorrupt relics

Dionysius of Radonezh (David Zobninovsky: Archimandrite of St. Sergius' Monastery) [1570-5/12/1633] - (1) miracles during his lifetime
Dionysius of Zakynthos (bishop) [1547-12/17/1622](1) incorrupt body emits odor of sanctity (flowers & frankincense); (2) tomb sometimes impossible to open and then when it is opened he has worn down slippers and seaweed by his feet; (3) often seen alive and walking around, just like St. Spyridon the Wonderworker of Trimythous; (4) healed the sick at the monastery of Anaphonitrias on Zakynthos
Dorothy of Kashin (blue-blooded wife who became a nun) [1549-9/24/1629] - (1) many miracles at her grave

Eleazar of Anzersk Island, Solovki (schemamonk) [†1/13/1656] - (1) fisherman caught many fish when they granted Eleazar's request for food; (2) prophesied that Tsar Michael would have a son; (3) foresaw time of his repose

Elias of Ardenysia and Mt. Athos (new monk-martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†1/31/1686] - (1) body & clothes unharmed when he was executed in bonfire

Elizibar of Georgia (prince-martyr) [†9/18/1661] - (1) Heavenly light illumined his body at night

Euphrosynus of Blue Jay Lake, Novgorod (monk martyred by Poles) [d. 3/20/1612] - (1) incorrupt relics

St. Gabriel Gowdel of Belostok (Child Martyr) [3/22/1684-4/11/1690] - (1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4) ; (5)
Galacteus of Vologda (Gabriel: prince son of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible & hosiomartyr) [†9/24/1612] - (1)

Gregory of Leokhnov, Novgorod (disciple of Anthony of Leokhnov, Novgorod) [†17th c.] - (1)

Hermogenes (anti-Catholic Patriarch of Moscow "martyred" by Catholics) [1530-2/17/1612](1)
Hilarion (Metropolitan of Suzdal & Yuriev) [11/13/1631-12/14/1707] - (1)

Irenarchus the Recluse of Rostov (Elias: hermit) [†1/13/1616] - (1)

Jasim the Wonderworker () [†2/4/1686] - (1)

Job (Patriarch of Moscow & All Russia) [1530s-6/19/1607] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2) ; (3) ; (4)

Job the Wonderworker of Pochaev (Ivan Zhelezo: Ukrainian Orthodox monk who opposed Uniatism and Catholic use of unleavened bread, but nevertheless has always had a cult among Catholics in Ukraine) [1551-10/28/1651](1) relics uncovered incorrupt on 8/28/1659 and 8/28/1833; (2) relics emit odor of sanctity; (3) his disciple Dositheus once saw Heavenly light shining for two hours around St. Job as he prayed in his cave; (4) posthumously appeared bowing to the Theotókos and begging her to protect the Dormition Lavra Monastery from the Tatars at sunrise on 7/23/1675 after abbot Joseph Dobromirsky and his monks fervently prayed to him and the Theotókos--the arrows the Tatars fired at St. Job, the Theotókos, and the angels flew backwards and injured them; (5) posthumously appeared thrice to Metropolitan Dionysius of Kiev, ordering him to uncover his relics, and threatening punishment in the third vision after Dionysius did not obey him the first two times; (6) posthumously appeared singing in Heavenly light with two angels to blue-blooded visitor Anna Domashevska, and gave her a silk handkerchief soaked in holy oil that healed the terminally ill abbot; (7) posthumously invisibly prevented the angry Count Mikołaj Bazyli Potocki's three shots from killing his driver; (8) posthumously repeatedly appeared in a vision in front of the Bishop of Volhynia and blessed the Body and Blood of Christ on his feast day on 10/28/1908; (9) posthumously cured the painful disease of a Polish Catholic lady when she visited his shrine and she became Orthodox in gratitude; (10) around 20 other miracles are described in paintings in the Pochaev Lavra, "the Fount of Miracles of the Most Holy Mother of God and St. Job"
Job the Gorge-Dweller of Ushchelsk (hieromonk & martyr) [†8/5/1628] - (1)

John of Pskov (eremitic monk) [†10/24/1616] - (1)

Joseph of Astrakhan (martyr & first Metropolitan of Astrakhan) [1579-5/11/1672] - (1)

Joseph the New of Partos (Jacob: Metropolitan of Timishoara, Romania) [1568-8/15/1656] - (1) incorrupt relics

Joseph of Zaonikiev Monastery, Vologda (Hilarion: monk and fool-for-Christ) [1529-9/21/1612] - (1)

Juliana of Lazarevo (married laywoman) [1530-1/10/1604] - (1) relics exuded fragrant myrrh when exhumed in 1614, 10 years after her repose; (2) healings from this myrrh; (3) visited by St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra; (4) guided by the Theotókos in church; (5)
Queen St. Ketevan of Georgia (Great-martyr under the Muslim yoke, buried by Augustinian Catholic witnesses of her martyrdom) [1565-9/13/1624] - (1)
Leonid of Ustnedkumsk, Vologda (abbot) [1554-7/17/1654] - (1)
Leontius the Clairvoyant of Mt. Athos (monk) [1520-3/16/1605] - (1) clairvoyance; (2) prophecy; (3) healing myrrh flowed from his relics

Luarsab of Georgia (Martyr-King) [1587-6/21/1622] - (1)
Macarius of Kanev and Pereyaslavl (anti-Catholic archimandrite martyred by the Turks) [1607-9/7/1678] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2)
Macarius the Wonderworker of Zhabyn (monk) [1539-1/22/1623](1) prayed and struck his staff into the ground and a spring of fresh water gushed so he could give a drink to a dying Polish soldier who might have participated in the destruction of the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple Monastery, which he founded in 1585; (2) relics found incorrupt in 1816, 193 years after his repose; (3) in 1889, 266 years after his repose, he appeared to abbot Jonah in a dream to warn him not to uncover his relics or else he would be punished
Martyrius of Zelenets, Pskov (Menas: abbot) [†3/1/1603] - (1)

Maximus of Totma, Vologda () [†1/16/1650] - (1)

Nicodemus of Kozha Lake (abbot) [†7/3/1640] - (1)

Nilus the Myrrh-gusher of Mt. Athos () [d. 1651] – (1)

Peter Mogila of Kiev (anti-Catholic Metropolitan of Kiev and Halych) [12/21/1596-12/22/1646] - (1)

Pitirim of Tambov (bishop) [2/27/1645-7/28/1698] - (1)
Procopius of Vyatka (Fool-for-Christ) [1578-12/21/1627] - (1) clairvoyance

Seraphim of Phanar (bishop & new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†12/4/1601] - (1) many miracles from his head at monastery at Koronis

Sergius of Shukhtom (Stephen of Kazan: schemamonk) [†5/19/1603] - (1) prophecy; (2) other miracles

Shalva of Georgia (prince-martyr) [†9/18/1661] - (1) Heavenly light illumined his body at night

Simeon of Verkhoturye () [1607-12/18/1642](1) posthumously frequently appeared in dreams to the sick and healed them and gave them spiritual guidance; (2) cured people of alcoholism

Simon of Volomsk (monk-martyr) [1586-7/12/1641] - (1)
Theodosius of Chernigov (anti-Catholic archbishop of Chernigov) [1630-2/5/1696] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)
Tryphon of Vyatka (abbot) [†10/8/1612] - (1)

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