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List of Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Churches by Date of Reunion with Rome

For your convenience, I present the list of sui iuris{1} Eastern Catholic Churches by date of reunion with Rome:
{2} Italo-Albanians
{3} Maronites
1595 Ukrainian Greeks{4}
1596 Belarusian Greeks
1599 Syro-Malabars
1611 Byzantines of the Eparchy of Krizevci
1628 Albanian Greeks
1646 Hungarian Greeks
1646 Ruthenians
1646 Slovak Greeks
1692 Chaldeans
1697 Romanians
1726 Melkite Greeks
1741 Copts
1742 Armenians
1781 Syriacs
1829 Greek Byzantines
1846 Ethiopians
1861 Bulgarian Greeks
1905 Russians
1918 Macedonians
1930 Syro-Malankaras

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Notes and References
{1} "Iuris" rather than "juris" is used; the former is more proper, since there is no J in Latin.
{2} It is established that the Italo-Albanians were never separated from Rome.
{3} There is some dispute as to the date of reunion; Maronites themselves and many non-Maronites say that the Maronite Church was always in communion with the Holy See, and some add that the perpetual union was simply reaffirmed in 1182. Others point to the witness of diverse individuals who claim the Maronites were officially Monothelites up until a certain time, while some would reply that these accusers (e.g. St. Germanus of Constantinople, St. John of Damascus, Theodore Abukara, Nestorian Patriarch Timothy I, Habib Abu-Raïta of Takrit, the priest Timotheus, Dionysius of Tell-Mahré, William of Tyre, Michael I the Great of Syria, Pope Pius II) (1) mistook Maronite Miathelitism for Monothelitism or (2) wrongly concluded that based on some group of stray Maronites they knew of, the whole Maronite Church was Monothelite.
{4} It is perhaps more proper to call these groups "Byzantines" than Greeks, according to my friend Aramis of Catholic Answers Forums.

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