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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 18th Century

18th Century
Acacius the New of Zagorakhos (monk) [1630-4/12/1730](1) Maximus the Hut-Burner of Mt. Athos (†1/13/1354) "repeatedly appeared to" him; (2) received divine revelations; (3) no longer needed staff to walk after abbot Neophytus told him, "Father, take the staff, and be the Superior for all these brethren until your last breath;" (4) gift "of unceasing mental prayer"
Anastasius of Epirus (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†11/18/1750] - (1)

Anthimus the Blind, New Ascetic of Cephalonia () [1727-9/4/1782] - (1)

Anthimus of Georgia (bishop martyred under the Turkish yoke) [†9/14/1716] - (1)

Anthony of Athens (new martyr under Muslims) [†2/5/1774] - (1)

Anthony the Hesychast of Iezerul-Vilcea Skete, Romania () [†11/28/1714] - (1) conquered demonic temptations

Aquilina of Thessalonica (new virgin-martyr under Muslims) [†9/29/1764] - (1) Synaxarion: "As her body was taken to be buried, every place that it passed was filled with a delightful scent, and a brilliant light came forth from her grave during the night"

Argyra of Bithynia (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [1688-4/5/1721] - (1) incorrupt relics

Athanasius of Attalia and Smyrna (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†1/7/1700] - (1)

Athanasius the New, Wonderworker of Christianopolis (archbishop) [†18th century](1)

Auxentius of Constantinople (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [1690-1/25/1720] - (1)

Bessarion Sarai the Confessor of Romania (anti-Latin hieromonk martyred for his opposition to the Unia) [1714-10/21/1745] - (1)

Christopher of Egrisi, Georgia (Christesia: monk) [1691-5/11/1771] - (1)

Cosmas of Aetolia (Κοσμάς Αιτωλός: Greek Orthodox Equal to Apostles and hieromartyr) [1714-8/24/1779] - (1) prophesied about telephone; (2) prophesied about airplanes; (3) prophesied about aerial bombings; (4) ; (5) ; (6) ; (7) ; (8) ; (9) ; (10) ; (11) ; (12) ; (13) ; (14) ; (15) ; (16)
Damascene the New of Hilandar of Mt. Athos (abbot and martyr under Muslims) [†1/16/1771] - (1) right after his execution his murderers tried to cross the Danube River but a storm capsized their boat and they drowned

Daniel of Corfu (Musa: Muslim convert & monk) [†18th c.] - (1)

St. Dimitry of Rostov (Daniel Savvich Tuptalo: anticaesaropapist Metropolitan of Rostov) [12/1651-10/28/1709] - (1) foresaw his repose three days in advance; (2) a smiling St. Barbara appeared to him and asked, "Why do you pray in the Latin manner?," i.e., why do you pray with such brief prayers, and when he was fearful she said, "Do not be afraid!"; (3) he fell asleep while preparing to print the life of St. Orestes the Martyr of Cappadocia and the holy martyr appeared to him and said, "I endured greater tortures for Christ than those you have written." He showed his left side and said, "This was pierced with a red-hot iron," showed his left hand and said, "There I was slashed," and showed his leg above the knee and said, "And this was cut off by a scythe." When St. Dimitry wondered if this was the St. Orestes of the Five Martyrs of Sebaste, the saint read his mind and replied, "I am not the one of the Five Companions but rather the one whose life you have just written"; (4) incorruptible relics (body, omophor, sacchos, mitre, and silken rosary) found 9/21/1752, 43 years after his repose, even though the tomb was damp and the oaken coffin and inscriptions on it were decayed; (5) many healings from his relics after they were uncovered
Dosithea the Recluse of the Kiev Caves (hesychast hermit) [1721-9/25/1776] - (1) prophecy; (2) foresaw saintly future of St. Seraphim of Sarov, blessed him and told him to go to the Monastery of Sarov and constantly pray the Jesus Prayer; (3) foresaw her death and the next day she was found with a piece of paper in her hand that said, "My body is ready for burial. I beg you not to touch it and to bury it in the usual way"

George Zorzes of Iberia, Georgia (New Martyr) [†1/2/1770] - (1)

Hierotheus the Younger of Iveron of Mt. Athos () [1686-9/13/1745] - (1)

Hilarion (Metropolitan of Suzdal and Yuriev) [11/13/1631-12/14/1707] - (1)

Innocent of Irkutsk (John: first bishop of Irkutsk) [1680-11/27/1731](1) incorrupt relics
Joasaph of Belgorod (bishop) [9/8/1705-12/10/1754] - (1) ; (2)

John Maximovitch the Wonderworker of Tobolsk (Metropolitan of Tobolsk) [1651-6/10/1715] - (1)

John the Russian () [1690-1730] – (1) incorrupt body; (2) appeared in a dream to his confessor informing that God wanted to have his relics exhumed because his body was incorrupt; (3) interceded for a mother whose kids were dying in infancy so that her son Kole Guvan Oglu (Son of the Slave John) did not die young but lived a lengthy and healthy life; (4) appeared to Greek schoolchildren and warned them that the roof was about to fall and they went under their desks just before the roof beams crashed onto the desks without harming any of the children; (5) miraculously posthumously cured 19-year-old southern Grecian shepherd boy of severe meningitis; (6) miraculously cured three-year-old London boy of severe meningitis
John Saakadze of Manglisi monk-bishop) [1668-3/28/1751] - (1)

Joseph the Elder and Wonderworker of Khevi, Georgia () [†10/7/1763](1) clairvoyance

Joseph Jandierishvili the Catholicos of Georgia (monk-patriarch) [†10/17/1770] - (1)

Juvenaly of Alaska (John Feodorovich Hovorukhin: hieromonk missionary & protomartyr of America) [1761-7/2/1796] - (1) natives told Innocent of Alaska [†3/31/1879] that Juvenal got up, followed them, and urged them to repent after they murdered him, and did the same thing "several times" each time after they savagely beat him until they "hacked him to pieces;" (2) "local shaman" who removed "Juvenal's brass pectoral cross from his body and attempted to cast a spell" gave up and "concluded there was a greater power than his own" after he "was lifted up off the ground" four times; (3) posthumously appeared several years after repose at Nushagak Trading Post?; (4) "a column of light arose from his holy relics and reached up to Heaven" for an indefinite amount of time
Metrophanes of Voronezh (Macarius in schema: schemamonk & first bishop of Voronezh) [11/8/1623-11/23/1703] - (1) incorrupt relics
Michael Burliotes of Smyrna (martyr under Muslims) [1754-4/16/1772](1) incorrupt body lay in prison for three days before burial

Nicholas the New of Chios (martyr) [†10/31/1754](1)

Onuphrius the Wonderworker of the St. David Gareji Monastery, Georgia () [†9/29/18th c.] - (1)

Pachomius of Patmos of Mt. Athos (new monk-martyr) [†5/21/1730] - (1) many miracles from his relics

Paisius Velichkovsky of Moldavia and Mt. Athos (Peter: fled from Austrian Catholics) [12/21/1722-11/15/1794] - (1) incorrupt relics

Polydorus of Lefkosia in Cyprus (Islamic convert and new martyr under Muslims) [†9/3/1794](1) many miracles performed from relics

Serapion the Wonderworker (abbot of St. John the Baptist Monastery) [†8/24/1774](1)

Simeon the Wonderworker (raised at Davit-Gareji Monastery) [†1773] - (1) died from an illness and then over an hour later came back to life so he could give all his possessions to his fellow monks

Sophronius the Wonderworker of Irkutsk (Stephen Kristalevsky: bishop) [1704-3/30/1771] - (1)

Theodore of Kvelta (priest-martyr under the Ottoman yoke) [†6/8/1609] - (1)

Theodora of Sihla (the greatest ascetic of Romania) [1650-8/7/early 18th c.] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)

Tikhon the Wonderworker of Zadonsk and All Russia (Bishop of Voronezh) [1724-8/13/1783](1) relics found incorrupt on 5/14/1846, 63 years after his repose
Zachariah of Peloponnesos (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†1/20/1782] - (1)

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