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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 16th Century

16th Century
Adrian of Ondrusov (Andrew Zavalushin: blue-blooded Russian Orthodox monk murdered by robbers) [†8/26/1549](1) ; (2) relics found incorrupt in a swamp almost two years after his death, which happened on the feast day of his patron saint Adrian of Nicomedia;
Adrian of Poshekhon (Russian Orthodox abbot & martyr) [†3/5/1550](1) incorrupt body

Adrian of Uglich () [†8/26/1504] - (1) he and Paisius of Uglich had vision of Theotókos in 1472; (2)

Alexander the Wonderworker of Svir (Russian Orthodox monk) [7/15/1448-8/30/1533](1) parents Stephen and Vassa prayed and a voice from above told them "Rejoice, good man and wife, you shall bear a son, in whose birth God will give comfort to His Church"; (2) Trinity appeared to him; (3) incorrupt relics; (4) ; (5) ; (6) ; (7)
Angelina Brancovich of Serbia (princess) [†6/30/16th c.] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2) many miracles from her relics

Anthony of Siya, Novgorod (Andrew: abbot) [†12/7/1556] - (1) angel gave him supplies for his monastery (?)

Arsenius of Komel, Vologda (blue-blooded abbot) [†8/24/1550] - (1)

Artemius of Verkola (child struck by lightning) [1532-6/23/1545] - (1) relics incorrupt until Soviet atheists chopped them up in 1918; (2) wonderworker during his life; (3) ; (4)
Athanasius of Valaam (monk and disciple of St. Alexander the Wonderworker of Svir) [†1/18/1550] - (1) incorrupt relics found in 1720, 170 years after his repose

Barlaam of Keretsk (priest in the Keretsk area of the Kol'sk peninsula on the White Sea) [†1/15/16th c.](1) posthumously rescued drowning people

Barnabas of Vetluga (abbot) [†6/11/1445] - (1)

Barsanuphius of Tver (John: bishop and Great schemamonk) [1495-4/11/1576] - (1)

Basil the Blessed, Wonderworker of Moscow (fool-for-Christ) [1468-8/2/1557](1)
Bassian of Uglich () [†2/12/1509] - (1) incorrupt relics

Bologep of Uglich (schemamonk) [†8/22/16th c.] - (1)

Cassian the Greek, Wonderworker of Uglich (Constantine: monk) [†10/2/1504] - (1) became a monk after monk Martinian appeared to him in a nighttime vision; (2) posthumously defended Pheraphont monastery from Polish soldiers in 1609-1611; (3) many other miracles through his prayerful intercession recorded in Uglich Chronicles

Cornelius of the Pskov Caves (abbot & martyr) [1501-2/20/1570] - (1) incorrupt relics

Cyril (abbot of Novoezersk in Novgorod) [†2/4/1532] - (1)

Damian of Philotheou (monk-martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†2/23/1568] - (1)

Dimitry of Moscow (prince child-martyr) [10/19/1582-5/15/1591] - (1) Boris Godunov failed to kill him with the strongest poison; (2) posthumously appeared to a monk & prophesied that a False Dimitry would arise and murder Boris Godunov; (3) "countless miracles" at his tomb; (4) relics uncovered incorrupt 15 years after his repose
Dionysius of Olympus and Mt. Athos () [†1/24/1541] - (1)

Dionysius of Prodromou of Mt. Athos (monk-martyr under Muslims) [†11/1/1520] - (1) healings from relics

Elisha of Suma, Solovki (schemamonk) [†6/14/16th c.] - (1)

Gennadius of Kostroma (abbot) [†1/23/1565] - (1) clairvoyance; (2) prophesied to Anastasia that she would become Tsaritsa; (3) other miracles
George Kratovac the New of Sofia, Bulgaria (great-martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†2/11/1515] - (1)

Gerasimos of Boldino (Gregory: ) [1490-5/1/1554] - (1)

Gerasimos of Kefallinia () [1509-8/15/1579](1) incorrupt body and clothes and odor of sanctity; (2) posthumously warned nuns about possessed sister who fell into well; the sister was found safe and floating and the demons were exorcised when the nuns got her out of the well; (3) in 1760 there was a plague in Kefallinia; the late Gerasimos appeared in a dream of nun Akakia kneeling in front of Theotókos icon and Theotókos told him she would intercede for the people and the plague subsided the following day; (4) 1788 husband of ill Levkas woman named Catherine placed her in a bed in front of body of Gerasimos and, after six months waiting time due to God testing husband's fate, Catherine was healed; (5) 1790 monk appeared in dream to blind, smallpox-infected girl named Giannoula who lived in Magoula in Atolia and told her the late Gerasimos would cure her; she went to the Kefallinia monastery for a year and prayed and fasted and the monk again appeared to her in a dream telling her she was cured; she woke up and her sight and health were restored; (6) 1923 Elaine Stephanatou from Kalavathi and Elpiniki Vaslatou from Razaton were demonically possessed and went to the Kefallinia monastery and they were both cured on 8/16/1923
Gurias of Kazan (Gregory Rugotin: first archbishop of Kazan) [†12/5/1563] - (1) incorrupt relics ; (2) ; (3)
Herodion of Elias Lake and Novgorod (schemamonk & abbot of Iloezersk) [†9/28/1541] - (1)

Ignatius the Wonderworker of Vologda (prince John of Uglich: monk) [†5/19/1522] - (1)

Ignatius of Vologda (monk of Loma & Yaroslavl) [†12/28/1591] - (1) wonderworking relics
James of Kastoria of Prodromou of Mt. Athos (monk-martyr under Muslims) [†11/1/1520] - (1) healings from relics; (2) visions of Heavenly mansions; (3) visions of Hell; (4) clairvoyance: could read the hearts and thoughts of those around him; (5) many healings during his lifetime in Aetolia; (6) many miracles

James the Youth of Meniugi, Novgorod (righteous child murdered at age three) [†1569] - (1) incorrupt relics found in 1682-1689, 113-120 years after his repose

John Brancovich of Serbia (king) [†12/10/1503] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2)

John Kulikos of Epirus (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†4/18/1526] - (1) dream at night on Great Saturday in which he saw himself standing in a fiery furnace and praising the Lord and days later he was martyred in a bonfire

John of Kazan () [†1/24/1529] - (1)
John of Prislop () [†9/13/16th c.] - (1)

John the Youth of Meniugi, Novgorod (righteous child murdered at age five [†1566] - (1) incorrupt relics found in 1682-1689, 126-133 years after his repose

John the Wonderworker of Moscow (fool-for-Christ) [†7/3/1589] - (1)

John the Hairy, Wonderworker of Rostov (Russian Orthodox fool-for-Christ) [†9/3/1580](1) the many miraculous healings at his grave earned him the name "the Merciful"
John the Wonderworker of Yarenga, Solovki () [†1545] - (1)

Jonah of Kazan (John Zastolsky: monk) [†16th c.] - (1) incorrupt body & clothing

Jonah of Klimetz (monk) [†6/6/1534] - (1)

St. Joseph the Wonderworker of Volokolamsk (John Sanin: caesaropapist abbot) [11/14/1440-9/9/1515](1) ; (2) ; (3)
Joseph Samakos the Sanctified () [1440-1/22/1511] – (1)

Juliana of Olshansk (virgin princess) [†early 16th c. at age 16] - (1) incorrupt relics

Laurence the Wonderworker of Kaluga (fool-for-Christ) [†8/10/1515] - (1)

Longinus of Koryazhemka, Vologda (hieromonk) [†2/10/1540] - (1)

Macarius of Dionysiou on Mt. Athos (new monk-martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†9/14/1527] - (1)

Macarius of Moscow () [1492-12/30/1563] - (1)
Macarius the Roman of Novgorod (hermit who left Catholic Church to become Russian Orthodox) [1500-8/15/1550] - (1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4)
Maximus the Greek of Russia (Anti-Catholic Non-possessor hieromonk who left Catholic Church and Dominican Order after being a disciple of the Servant of God Girolamo Savonarola) [1475-1/21/1556] - (1) angel appeared to him in prison and said, "Endure, Abba! Through this temporary pain you will be delivered from eternal torments"
Nectarius of Bitolya and Mt. Athos (monk) [†12/5/1500] - (1)

Nectarius of Kazan (Nestor Zastolsky: monk) [†16th c.] - (1) incorrupt body & clothing

Nicander of Pskov (monk) [7/24/1507-9/24/1581] - (1)
Nicanor the Wonderworker of Mt. Calistratus () [†8/7/1519] - (1)

Nicholas Salos of Pskov (Fool for Christ) [†2/28/1576] - (1)
Nilus of Sora (Non-possessor abbot) [1432-5/7/1508] - (1) dug out a pond and well out of which gushed healing waters; (2) numerous miracles from his relics
Nilus of Stolbensk Lake () [†12/7/1554] - (1)

Pachomius of Keno Lake () [†1/7/1515] - (1)

Paisius the Wonderworker of Uglich (abbot of Pokrov monastery) [†6/6/1504] - (1) called "most astounding wonderworker;" (2) miracles from his relics

Philip (Metropolitan of Moscow martyred for speaking out against corruption of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible) [2/11/1507-12/23/1569] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2) relics emit the odor of sanctity; (3) shortly after his repose all his opponents died evil deaths
Philothea the Monastic of Athens (Revoula Benizelos: martyr under the Turkish yoke) [1522-2/19/1589] - (1)

Sergius of Malopinega (Simeon: schemamonk) [1483-11/16/1585] - (1)

Simon of Yurievets (fool-for-Christ) [†11/4/1584] - (1)

Great Princess Sophia the Wonderworker of Suzdal (Solomonia Saburov: nun at the Protection convent) [†12/16/1542] - (1)

Stephen of Kazan (Tatar convert & martyr) [†3/24/1552] - (1) healed of 20+-year-old "weakness of the legs" when he believed in Christ

Stephen III the Great of Moldavia (prince whom Pope Sixtus IV of Rome called "true Champion of Christian Faith") [†7/2/1504] - (1)
Stephen Stiljianovitch of Serbia (soldier) [†10/4/1515] - (1) incorrupt relics

Theodosius of Totmain, Vologda (abbot) [1530-1/28/1568] - (1) miracles at his tomb; (2) incorrupt relics found on 9/2/1796, 228 years after his death
Theophanes the New of Dochiariou, Wonderworker of Mt. Athos [†8/19/16th century] - (1) he saw the end of his life; (2) prayed and calmed a storm; (3) converted sea water into drinking water

Theophilus the Myrrh-gusher of Macedonia (hieromonk of Pantocrator Monastery, Mt. Athos) [†7/8/1548] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2)

Therapon of Monza (abbot) [†12/12/1597] - (1)

Tikhon of Lukhov (Timothy: monk who fled from Lithuania to Russia to avoid becoming Catholic) [†6/16/1503] - (1) healings of sick began at his grave in 1569, 66 years after his death; (2) incorrupt relics; (3) abbot Constantine who brought relics above ground was struck blind but when he recovered his eyesight he put the relics back underground; (4) 70 recorded posthumous miracles compiled in his Life in 1649
Tryphon of Pechenga and Kola (monk) [†12/15/1583] - (1)

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