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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 15th Century

15th Century
Abramius of Valaam (monk) [† second half of 15th century] - (1)

Alexander of Oshevensk (abbot and founder of the Oshevensk Dormition Monastery) [†4/20/1479] - (1)
Andrei Rublev (Russian Orthodox monk & iconographer) [1370-1/29/1430] - (1) visions; (2) contemplated Uncreated Light; (3) St. Joseph Volotsky: upon St. Andrei's death he appeared radiantly to his beloved friend Daniel Chornii, who was also a monastic painter and writer of icons, and invited him to join him in Heaven
Angelica Brancovich of Serbia () [] - (1)

Arsenius of Tver (monk & bishop) [†3/2/1409] - (1) relics found incorrupt in 1483, 74 years after his repose
Athanasius the Wonderworker of Murom (abbot of the monastery of St. Lazarus) [†mid-15th c.] - (1)

Athanasius the Wonderworker of Serpukhov (disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh & abbot of the Vysotsk Monastery in Serpukhov) [†9/12/1401] - (1)

Bassa of the Pskov Caves () [†15th c.] - (1)

Cosmas of Yakhrom (abbot) [†2/18/1492] - (1) icon of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotókos appeared to him by the Yakhroma River; (2) Heavenly voice told him to become a monk and construct a monastery; (3) Cosmas' master healed by the icon; (4) divinely inspired to leave the Kiev Caves Monastery for Yakhrom and build temple there in honor of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotókos
Cyril the Wonderworker of White Lake (Cosmas of Moscow: abbot) [1337-6/9/1427] - (1)

Daniel the Hesychast, Wonderworker of Moldavia () [1400-12/18/1496] - (1)
Dionysius the Recluse of the Kiev Far Caves () [†10/3/15th c.] - (1)

Eleni the Newly-Appeared of Lesvos (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [†4/9/1463] - (1)

Ephraim the Wonderworker of Greece (new martyr under the Turkish yoke) [9/14/1384-5/5/1426] - (1)

Ephraim the Wonderworker of Novgorod (Eustathius: abbot of Perekop) [9/20/1412-9/26/1492](1)

Euphrosyne of Moscow (Eudoxia: princess) [†7/7/1407] - (1)

Euphrosynus of Pskov (Eleazar: abbot) [1386-5/14/1481](1)

Euthymius the Wonderworker of Novgorod (bishop) [1396-3/11/1458] - (1)
Euthymius of Suzdal (monk) [1316-4/1/1404] - (1) relics found incorrupt on 7/4/1507, 103 years after his repose
Euthymius of Syanzhemsk, Vologda (monk) [†1/20/1465] - (1) relics miraculously appeared

Gregory the Wonderworker of Vologda (abbot of Pelshme) [†9/30/1442](1)

Herman of Solovki (hermit) [†1479] - (1) incorrupt relics

Ignatius of the Kiev Caves (Archimandrite) [†12/20/1435] - (1) Song 1 of Canon in general service to Kiev saints: "Ignatius, monastic pastor and healer of the sick, in our infirmities thou dost aid us by thine reverence, wherefore let us offer song of praise unto thine memory"

Irene of Lesvos (virgin child New Martyr) [1451-4/9/1463] - (1)

Isidore of Estonia (priest "martyred" by the Latins for refusing to convert to Catholicism) [†1472] - (1)

Isidore Tverdislov the Wonderworker of Rostov (fool-for-Christ who was formerly Catholic) [†5/14/1474](1)

James the Wonderworker of Zheleznoborov (abbot) [†4/11/1442] - (1) posthumous miracles

Joasaph of Kubensk, Wonderworker of Vologda (Andrew: prince who became monk) [†9/10/1453] - (1)

John the Wonderworker of Ustiug (fool-for-Christ) [†5/29/1494] - (1)

Jonah the Wonderworker of Moscow (anti-Catholic Metropolitan bishop of Moscow and All Russia) [†3/31/1461](1) myriad healings at his tomb; (2) relics found incorrupt in 1472, 11 years after his repose; (3) Photius of Kiev prophesied that the monk Jonah would one day become a great Russian hierarch and lead many to salvation; (4)
Jonah of Novgorod (John: Archbishop of Novgorod) [†11/5/1470] - (1) foresaw his death; (2)
Jonah of the Pskov Caves (John: monk who fled the persecutions of German Catholics) [†1480] - (1)

Princess Juliana of Vyazma (princess martyr) [†12/21/1406] - (1) a Heavenly voice told a paralytic to bury her body of at the south gate of the Savior-Transfiguration cathedral in Torzhok; (2) many healings from her tomb

Leontius of Radauti (Laurence: bishop & great schemamonk who taught Daniel the Hesychast, Wonderworker of Moldavia) [†7/1/1432] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2) many healings during his lifetime; (3) other miracles during his lifetime; (4) many posthumous healings at his tomb
Longinus the Wonderworker of Yarenga, Solovki () [†1454] - (1)

Macarius the Wonderworker of Kalyazin (Matthew: abbot) [1400-3/17/1483](1) incorrupt relics; (2) ; (3)
Macarius of Kiev (Catholic Metropolitan of Kiev martyred by invading Tatars) [†5/1/1497](1) incorrupt relics; (2) miracles (esp. of healing) from his holy relics; (3) frequent singing by an invisible choir at his tomb; (4) miraculously lit candles at his tomb

Venerable Macarius of the Yellow Water Lake and the Unzha, the Miracle Worker (Преподобный Макарий Унженский Желтоводский Чудотворец=Prepodobny Makariy Unzhenskiy Zheltovodskiy Chudotvorets) [1349-1444] - (1)

Marcella Mogias of Chios (virgin-martyr) [†7/22/1450?] – (1) prayed to God while fleeing from her incestuous father and the rock on a cove at the edge of the Aegean Sea partially opened up to hold her before she was cruelly murdered; (2) very clear, warm, and low-salt water flows from a small opening on the rock in which part of her body still resides and the clear water which is her Holy Blood and does not come from the sea or an aquifer makes the rocks and pebbles and sea reddish brown; (3) water seems to boil when priest chants at her rocky tomb; (4) naturally black rocks were her incestuous father shot her with an arrow are stained red from her Holy Blood; (5) appeared in a dark cloud with bright light to Greek officers, among whom was Kreon Talios, in 3/1942 and calmed a ferocious storm after which the boat landed at Marcella's rocky tomb and after three days of repairs went to Asia Minor and came to a ruined church beside an olive tree called Saint Marcella, just like the Volissos church next to the big tree; (6) woman with crutch crippled since childhood healed and did not need crutch after she prayed to Marcella on her 7/22/1971 feast day, the night before which her neighbor and companion had a dream of a woman telling him to bring the crippled woman to Chios where Marcella would help her
Mark of Ephesus (Μάρκος Ευγένικος: extremely anti-Catholic, anti-papist, anti-Filioquist, anti-Purgatory Bishop of Ephesus responsible for terminating Union of Florence) [1392-6/3/1444](1) posthumous healing: doctors gave up on trying to save the life of the terminally ill sister of Demetrios Zourbaios, after their efforts had worsened her condition. After losing consciousness for three days she suddenly woke up to the delight of her brother, who asked her why she woke up drenched in water. She related that a bishop escorted her to a fountain and washed her and told her, "Return now; you no longer have any illness." She asked him who he was and he informed her, "I am the Metropolitan of Ephesus, Mark Eugenikos." After she was miraculously healed, she made an icon of St. Mark and lived devoutly for another 15 years.
Mark of the Pskov Caves () [†15th c.] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2)

Martinian of Belozersk (abbot) [1370-1/12/1483] - (1)
Matrona of Chios () [1400s-10/20/1462](1) incorrupt relics; (2) prayed and then lightning killed a barbarian who tried to attack her and fellow nuns; (3) healed the sick during life and posthumously

Maximus the Wonderworker of Moscow (Fool-for-Christ) [†11/11/1434] - (1)

Michael of Klops (Mikhail Maximovitch: blue-blooded monastic fool-for-Christ) [†1/11/1453](1) bread supplies did not diminish at monastery despite abundant donations to the hungry; (2) made a water spring on the sand where he wrote Ps 116:13; (3) prophesied that Great Prince Ivan III [1462-1505] would be born on 1/22/1440; (4) prophesied that Great Prince Ivan III would take Novgorod; (5) clairvoyance; (6) miraculously entered locked cell of hieromonk Macarius while Macarius censed at Ninth Ode of the Canon
Nicholas of Lesvos (anti-Catholic "New Martyr") [†4/9/1463] - (1)

Nikon of Radonezh (abbot & disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†11/27/1426] - (1)
Paphnutius of Borov (Parthenius: abbot) [1394-5/1/1477](1) foretold the date of his repose a week in advance
Paul of Obnora, Vologda (abbot & disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh) [1317-1/10/1429] - (1)
Pheraphont of Moizhais the Wonderworker of Luzhetsk (Theodore: archimandrite) [1337-5/27/1426] - (1) relics found incorrupt in 1514, 88 years after his death
Philotheus of Karyes of Mt. Athos (monk) [†12/5/15th century](1) clairvoyance

Photius of Kiev (Metropolitan of Moscow & All Russia) [†7/2/1431] - (1) prophesied that the monk Jonah would one day become a great Russian hierarch & lead many to salvation
Pitirim of Perm (bishop murdered by "the Voguli leader Asyka") [†8/19/1456] - (1) incorrupt relics despite 40 days of "hot weather"

Raphael of Lesvos (anti-Catholic monk and "New Martyr") [1410-4/9/1463] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)
Sabba the Wonderworker of Storozheysk and Zvenigorodsk (monk) [†12/3/1406](1) relics uncovered incorrupt on 1/19/1652, 255 years after his repose; (2) saved Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich from a ferocious bear; (3) healing relics; (4) numerous posthumous appearances convinced everyone that he "is in truth an unsetting star-radiance of the Divine light, by the shining forth of his miracles illumining all;" (5) called a wonderworker in a 1539 letter; (6) appeared to Abbot Dionysius of Savvinsk Monastery at end of 15th century and told him, "Dionysius! Wake up and write my face upon an icon," and after Dionysius inquired as to his identity he answered, "I am Sabba, the founder of this place," and Dionysius's description of Sabba's appearance matched the description of an old starets called Avvakum who in his youth saw Sabba

Sabbatius the Wonderworker of Solovki () [1396-9/27/1435](1)

Sava of Pskov () [†8/28/1495] - (1)

Sava of Novgorod (abbot of Vishera monastery dedicated to the Ascension of Our Lord) [1381-10/1/1481] - (1) posthumously healed the abbot of "the Sava-Vishera monastery"
Sergius the Obedient of the Kiev Near Caves () [†10/7/1412] - (1) conquered demonic temptations

Sergius of Nurma, Vologda (abbot & disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†10/7/1412] - (1)

Stephen Brancovich the Blind One of Serbia (King of Serbia) [†10/9/1468] - (1) incorrupt relics

Stephen of Makhrishsche, Vologda (abbot) [†7/14/1406] - (1)

Sylvester of Obnora (abbot & disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†4/25/1479] - (1)

Theodore of Rostov (disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†10/22/1409] - (1) foresaw his death

Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (Theodore: anti-Catholic monk & former prince of Ostrog) [†8/11/1483] - (1) in 1638, Athanasius Kal'nophysky testified that the body of Theodosius was found incorrupt

Theophilus of the Kiev Far Caves (Bishop of Novgorod) [†10/26/1482] - (1)

Theraphon the Wonderworker of Luzhetsk (abbot of White Lake monastery) [1337-5/27/1426] - (1) incorrupt relics

Tikhon of Kaluga and Medin (abbot) [†6/16/1492] - (1)

Zosimas of Solovki (abbot) [†4/17/1478] - (1)

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