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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 14th Century

14th Century
Abraham of Galich (Russian Orthodox abbot) [d. 7/20/1375] - (1) 1350 revelation told him to go up mountain and he found an icon of the Theotókos shining with ineffable light; (2) myriad healings from the Theotókos icon

Alexis the Wonderworker of Moscow (Metropolitan of Moscow & All Russia) [1296-2/12/1378](1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4)
Anna of Kashin () [†10/2/1338] - (1)

Sts. Anthony, John, and Eustace (Антоний, Иоанн and Евстафий: Russian Orthodox martyrs of Vilnius) [†4/14/1347] – (1) incorrupt relics
St. Aquila the Faster of the Kiev Far Caves (deacon) [†1/4/14th c.] - (1)
Arsenius the Lover-of-Labor of the Kiev Far Caves () [†5/8/14th c.] - (1)

Athanasius I of Constantinople (Alexius: monk & anti-Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople) [1211-10/24/1311] - (1) received gift of tears at Esphigmenou monastery; (2) at monastery of Blessed Lazarus on Mount Galanteia, he received "a divine revelation: he heard the Voice of the Lord from a crucifix, summoning him to pastoral service"; (3) "Toward the end of his life, the saint was again found worthy to behold Christ. The Lord reproached him because Athanasius had not carried out his pastoral duty to the end. Weeping, the saint repented of his cowardice and received from the Lord both forgiveness and the gift of wonderworking"

Callistus II Xanthopoulos of Mt. Athos (Hesychast Patriarch of Constantinople) [†11/22/1397] - (1)

Constantine of Smolensk and Yaroslavl (prince) [†14th c.] - (1) incorrupt relics

Cosmas the Bulgarian of Zographou of Mt. Athos () [†9/21/1323] - (1)

Cyril of Chelma Hill (abbot) [1285-12/8/1367] - (1)

Daniel of Moscow (Даниил Александрович=Daniil Aleksandrovich: ancestor of all the Grand Princes of Moscow) [1261-3/5/1303](1)

Daniel II of Serbia (archbishop) [†12/19/1338] - (1)
David of Smolensk & Yaroslavl (prince) [†14th c.] - (1) incorrupt relics

Demetrius the Wonderworker of Priluk (monk of Priluk in Vologda) [†2/11/1392] - (1) clairvoyance; (2) cell filled with odor of sanctity after he died; (3) incorrupt relics? (brethren "found him as though asleep"); (4) miracles from his relics started in 1409, 17 years after his repose

Dionysius the Wonderworker of Suzdal (David: monastic archbishop) [†10/15/1385] - (1)

Euthymius the Silent of Kiev Caves () [] - (1)

Gelasius of Rimets, Transylvania () [†6/30/14th c.] - (1)

Gennadius of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos () [†11/17/14th c.] - (1)

Gregory Domesticus the Singer of the Great Lavra of Mt. Athos () [†10/1/1355] - (1)

Gregory the Recluse of the Kiev Caves () [†1/28/14th c.] - (1)

St. Gregory Palamas (Hesychast Archbishop of Thessaloniki) [1296-11/14/1359] - (1) see here
Herman the Wonderworker of Valaam () [†1353] – (1)

Hypatius the Healer of the Kiev Caves (monk) [†3/31/14th c.] - (1) many miraculous healings
James the Wonderworker of Rostov (bishop) [†11/27/1392](1)

John of Suceava (new great-martyr) [1300-6/2/1330] - (1) incorrupt relics; (2) pillar of light and myriad burning lamps appeared over his body at nightfall on the day of his martyrdom; (3) three luminous men from Heaven sang the Psalms and incensed John's holy relics; (4) a Jewish archer who tried to shoot the three saints but God froze him in his place and he was able to move only after he told the gathering crowd of residents about the vision and his punishment, whereupon the governor of the city granted permission to bury the great martyr's relics; (5) appeared in a dream to the church presbyter telling him to prevent the repentant captain who betrayed him to torture from bringing his relics to his own native country

John of Suzdal (monk & bishop) [†10/15/1385] - (1)
John Koukouzelis the Hymnographer of Albania and Mt. Athos () [†10/1/1341] - (1)

Joseph the Much-Ailing of the Kiev Far Caves () [†4/4/14th c.] - (1)

Lawrence the Recluse of the Kiev Far Caves () [†1/20/14th c.] - (1) incorrupt relics

Prince Lazar of Serbia (Stefan Lazar=Стефан Лазар, then Lazar Hrebeljanović=Лазар Хребељановић: prince and great-martyr of Serbia under the Turkish yoke) [1329-6/28/1389] - (1) incorrupt relics found in 1391, two years after his repose; (2) St. Elijah the Prophet appeared as a gray falcon to him with a letter from the Theotókos informing him of choice between an earthly kingdom and entering the Kingdom of Heaven, and after he said, "Perishable is earthly kingdom, but forever and ever is Kingdom of Heaven!" and told his soldiers, "We die with Christ, to live forever," he was beheaded by the Turks; (3) healings from his relics to this day
Lazarus of Murom (monk) [1286-3/8/1391] - (1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4)
Leontius of the Kiev Far Caves (young canonarch) [†6/18/14th c.] - (1) "gift of miracles"

Macarius the Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves (deacon) [†14th c.] - (1)

Maximus Kavsokalyvites (the Hut-Burner) of Mt. Athos () [1259-1/13/1354] - (1)

Maximus of Kiev (anti-Catholic Metropolitan of Kiev) [†12/6/1305] - (1) Theotókos told him to reside in Vladimir after he fervently prayed to her; (2) had Maximov icon of the Mother of God painted in 1299 after he had a vision of Theotókos in Vladimir, in which she gave him the omophorion and said, "My servant Maximus, it is good that you have come to visit My city. Take this omophorion and shepherd the flock of My city," and Maximus woke up with the omophorion in his hands
Micah of Radonezh (monk & one of the first disciples of St. Sergius of Radonezh) [†5/6/1385] - (1) saw the Theotókos: St. Sergius of Radonezh told him, "Be alert, my child, for we shalt have a wondrous visitation," and then a heavenly voice said, "The All-Pure One draweth nigh" and a light shone brighter than the sun. Micah said, "Tell me, father, what is the reason for this wondrous vision? From fright my soul hath nearly parted from my body," and St. Sergius told him about the appearance of the Theotókos.

Michael of Tver (Mikhail Yaroslavich: martyr prince of Tver) [1272-11/22/1318] - (1)
Moses the Wonderworker of the Kiev Far Caves (monk) [†7/28/14th c.] - (1)

Moses of Novgorod (Metrophanes: monk-archbishop) [†1/25/1362] - (1)

Nestor (not the Chronicler) of the Kiev Far Caves [†14th c.] - (1)

Nicholas Dvali of Jerusalem (martyr) [†10/19/1314] - (1)

Nicholas Kochanov of Novgorod (Fool-for-Christ) [†7/27/1392] - (1)

Niphon of Mt. Athos (monk) [1234-6/14/1330] - (1) clairvoyance; (2) other miracles
Peter of Moscow (Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia) [†12/21/1326] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)
Philotheus of Neapolis and Dionysiou, Mt. Athos () [†10/21/14th c.] - (1)

Prochorus of Georgia (martyr) [†1314?] - (1)

Procopius of Ustiug/Vologda (fool-for-Christ) [†1303] - (1)

Roman the Wonderworker of Kirzhachsk (abbot & disciple of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†7/29/1392] - (1)

Romanus the Hesychast of Ravenica () [†1/16/1375] - (1)

St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh (Сергий Радонежский, b. Bartholomew: abbout) [5/3/1314-9/25/1392] (1) had great trouble learning to read but an angel gave him prosphora (blessed bread) and Sergius could read from that day on; (2) saw Theotókos and other saints; (3) incorrupt relics; (4) cried out three times during Liturgy while still in the womb; (5)
Sergius the Wonderworker of Valaam () [†1353] – (1)

Silvanus of the Kiev Far Caves (schemamonk) [†6/10/14th c.] - (1)

Stephen Miliutin of Serbia (King of Serbia) [†10/29/1320] - (1)

Stephen of Dechani, Serbia (prince martyr) [†11/11/1336] - (1)

St. Stephen the Enlightener of Perm (bishop & Apostle to the Zyrians) [1340-4/26/1396] - (1)
Theoctistus of Novgorod (archbishop) [†12/23/1307] - (1)

Theodore of Novgorod (fool-for-Christ) [†1/19/1392] - (1)

Theodore the Wonderworker of Rostov (John: archbishop & nephew of St. Sergius the Wonderworker of Radonezh) [†11/28/1394] - (1)

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