Thursday, July 31, 2008

Divine Providence in My Life: Praise God!

The following are examples of events, etc. that confirm that God the Trinity and my guardian angel protect me and are very involved in my life:

1. This summer I was about to get out of the car when my friend drove me home, and he told me not to open it but I didn't hear him, so I opened it just after a biker went by at 30 mph.
2. In fifth grade, when I did something I've only done a few times in my life (not wear a helmet while biking), I did a wheelie on my Huffy trick bike and fell back off my bike and slammed the back of my head on the concrete sidewalk. The result: no pain, no brain damage, no sickness, but gratitude to God for His bottomless well of mercy and an iron motivation to always wear a helmet when biking.
3. I'm going to Fordham this fall, and Fordham (Division I) is my dream school and it's in my favorite city. Moreover, I met a kid at a theology class earlier in the year who, like me, is tall, athletic (he and I are doing cross country this fall and I got to see him win the mile in his division this June with a time of ca. 4:35), funny, kind, and interested in religion.
4. My friend was driving me and a bunch of my other friends when he made a very reckless turn at well over 40 mph right by a telephone pole and the car rocked but did not tip over, contrary to everyone's expectations.
5. I have been punched a couple of times in the mouth but I never chipped a tooth or suffered any disfigurement.
6. This Monday, there was a storm more severe than anything I've seen and I was the first car in the turning lane before the bridge, right in front of the traffic lights. Lightning struck the telephone pole just across the street and it broke in half, then the wires snapped and the traffic lights went out and crashed onto the road. It was hard to see since the rain and wind were cataclysmic, but I continuously prayed to God, St. Raphael the Archangel, and St. Christopher and made it home safely; even though trees and branches were falling down all over the roads, not one twig hit my car. When I pulled into the driveway it started hailing furiously (this hail was pretty big!) but my windshield and car were undamaged.
7. When I reinjured my leg,{1} the bone did not shift at all and I did not tear my patellar tendon as was expected.
8. Once at the beach I boogie boarded into a massive wall of a wave and I was under water and could not move after it smashed me. My legs were flailing above water and I thought I would drown; just as I ran completely out of breath, I was extracted from the water.{2}
9. When I was two my friend pushed me in my float and the wind took me to the deep end of the pool. Out of curiosity, I undid the valve and started sinking and heard my mom, whom I believed clasped her hands, say, "Oh my God. Dave!" My dad dove in and rescued me.
10. A week or so ago the top segment of my right pointer finger was almost ripped off when the boogie board cord wrapped around the finger and a wave pushed my board away, and the board jerked my arm and cut off the circulation to the top of my finger.
11. Some man was talking on his cell phone and speeding around the corner when I, after having looked both ways, crossed the street on my bike, and I barely avoid being hit.
12. I got frostbite on my hands during winter track of this past school year but we went inside just in time because after over 30 minutes, I could move my hands again and I had no lasting damage.
13. I was biking by someone who was mowing the lawn and a pebble presumably upturned by the lawnmower struck just below my eye but did not break the skin.
14. In spring track this year the high jump standard toppled over and missed me by just an inch while I was stretching.
15. The past two months I would often go to the beach, having a gut feeling that my friends were there despite not receiving any advance notice, and I would have a lot of fun each time.
16. In all the sports seasons this past year I dropped my 2004 iPod Photo many times from a height of at least five feet onto the hard locker room floor but each time no damage occurred.
17. In sophomore year of cross country, I started to get decent but then I broke my leg (stress fracture of the right tibia during a warm-up at Sunken Meadow State Park) and later reinjured it. I was extremely out of shape when I played basketball the following summer and in junior year of cross country, I missed 19 consecutive practices in a row and would frequently complain of pain right when we got to the meet and did not run for several meets. Then in senior year, this past year, I became one of the best members of the cross country team{3} and excelled in winter and spring track and worked so hard thanks directly to the Holy Spirit, to whom I constantly prayed, that I won the highest praises of my coach and received the Most Improved for Cross Country and Winter Track and the Coach's Award for Spring Track.

William Rood Huysman

Notes and References
{1} The stress fracture was why I started this humble blog in the first place; see Praise God for making a great good come out of that misfortune!
{2} Be careful in the ocean and in the pool; you know the drill: never swim alone, make sure an adult watches younger children, pay constant attention to those swimmers who are in your care, do not swim when tired or under the influence of drugs, swim parallel to the shore to get out of a rip current, etc. A string of drownings just occurred locally. Please pray that God has mercy on these souls, some young and some old, and that they attain Heavenly bliss and their families cope with the loss! Sts. Adjutor, Aldegundis, Andrew Avellino, Barbara, Christopher, Florian, Gabriel the Archangel, Joseph the Betrothed, Our All-holy, immaculate, most blessed and glorified Lady, the Theotókos and Ever-Virgin Mary, Michael the Archangel, Radegunde, Raphael the Archangel, and Romanus of Condat, pray for us!
{3} God blessed me with such work ethic and self-discipline last summer, as you will see from my workout logs, that I biked and ran and swam and did crunches and push-ups all the time.


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