Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 10 Atheist Arguments and Replies

As one who has spent hundreds of hours of research on theism vs. atheism, I have carefully chosen the top 10 strongest arguments against theism and Christianity and have named, described, and assessed them below (the order that they are in is not necessarily representative of the true ranking in terms of strength).

1. In "The Tale of the Twelve Officers" (2002), Mark I. Vuletic presents what are prima facie forceful arguments against twelve distinct theodicies. His parable is worth a read but its fatal flaw is its false premise that, in the words of first rate Christian apologist Glenn M. Miller, "the culpability of human (police) non-intervention in violent crime (brutal rape and murder) implies that God's non-intervention shows Him to be impotent or malevolent."
2. In "The Argument from the Bible" (1996), professor Theodore M. Drange argues that the Bible cannot be the Word of God because it is full of false prophecies, sundry contradictions (internal e.g. resurrection sequence of events; and external, e.g. scientific errors), evil actions by God, implausible miracle accounts, and prophecies which Christianity misinterprets as confirming Christian doctrine. I've already started refuting Drange's treatise, which contains many blunders not at all reflective of good scholarship.
3. In "A Disproof of God's Existence" (1970) Michael Martin tries to prove God's nonexistence based on the false premise that God's moral goodness is incompatible with His knowledge of evil (e.g. an omniscient God cannot know lust and envy without having had feelings of lust and envy Himself, making omniscience and moral goodness fundamentally incompatible).
4. Francois Tremblay attempts to show that God cannot possibly exist due to the primacy of existence over consciousness.


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