Thursday, February 07, 2008

Zodiac Killer Deciphered

Harry V. Martin makes an extremely persuasive case that the notorious Zodiac killer was not a serial killer, but more than one murderer and the letters were intended to send police on a wild goose chase so they wouldn’t be able to prevent certain murders.{1} Police found a hood, weapons, and additional evidence tying Manson family member Bruce Davis to the 10/30/1966 Riverside murder of Cheri Jo Bates and 9/27/1969 Lake Berryessa slaughter of Cecilia Shepherd, and the modus operandi in these murders (knife stabbing) matched the Sharon Tate murders and the murder of Charlie Manson’s uncle in London. So Bruce Davis is responsible for the death of two canonical Zodiac victims. Robert E. Hunter, who was a prime suspect in San Francisco and Napa, had the same handwriting as the author of the Zodiac letters. Other facts link him to the Zodiac case, but, says Martin, he did not do any killing himself. Hunter is, however, complicit in the death of cab driver Paul Stein and the disappearance of Donna Lass. Danny Price, according to the independent testimony of multiple Vallejo drug dealers and police officers, murdered teenagers Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday. Darleen Ferrin’s demise generated the Zodiac killer myth; she was in fact a victim of the Vallejo-Napa drug community. Police officer Paul Petri, acting as a hit man for the Ott organization, shot Ferrin and the lone cop who accompanied her in the ambulance murdered her; Ferrin was alive at the scene and expected to live. Robert E. Hunter, Sr. orchestrated the Zodiac letter hoax to set up the disappeared Donna Lass; this explains why investigators could never pin the “Zodiac” killings on a single individual, and why no trove of evidence from the different murders would match the others with respect to modus operandi, weapon, and relationship.

{1} Harry V. Martin: "Zodiac: The Conclusion: The Hoax that Lead [sic] Police on a Wild Goose Chase" @

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