Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Theodicy: Flood of Noah

The God of the Torah was unjust to destroy the whole world in a flood

God's judgment upon the world by a universal (global) flood was good. God willed to spare the innocent and Noah and his family members were the only righteous people on earth [Gen 6:8-10; 7:1]. You must understand that earth was FILLED with wickedness [Gen 6:11]; everyone but the eight righteous people were thoroughly corrupted [Gen 6:11-12], and had committed inordinate violence including rape [Gen 6:1-2]. Noah preached to these sinners for 100+ years [2 Pt 2:5] in an awesome demonstration of God’s patience and mercy [1 Pt 3:20]. He reproved them for their violent, persuasive mortal sins and warned them over the course of more than a century that if they did not stop, then they would perish specifically from a flood, and he told them how to be righteous. But these fools had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and were hopeless, so they deserved death. Really every second of our lives is a chance for repentance but these people were never going to repent (they were children of despair [Eph 2:2]) and so they were justly executed in a global flood [Gen 7:3-5,18-23].

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