Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recommended Catholic Apologetics Books

1. Summa Theologica{1} by St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas demolishes the seemingly invincible arguments of detractors of Catholic doctrines.
2. Summa Contra Gentiles by St. Thomas Aquinas. This one is more pithy and comprehensible than the Summa Theologica but is not as encyclopedic.
3. The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages that Confound Protestants by Dave Armstrong. Dave Armstrong is an exceptionally kind, intelligent guy and I don't hesitate to call his work scholarly; his treatment in this book is very thorough and is backed up by lots of references. Buy it straight from Armstrong's blog.{2}
4. More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism by Dave Armstrong. This is a very robust defense and is true to the title; Armstrong's 150 points make up a brilliant, rich pro-Catholic summary.

{1} Also "Theologiae."
{2} Dave Armstrong: Cor ad Cor Loquitur.


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