Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Hypostatic Union is a Creature

1. The Hypostatic Union is created because the relation has a beginning in time; as was said in “On God Died,” every relation between God and the creature is really in the creature by whose change the relation begins to exist and not really in God since it is not caused by any change in God.

2. This created union of the two natures brought about by grace{1} differs from assumption and it is the greatest union in regard to that to which things are united (but not in regard to the things united) because the unity of the Divine Person in which the two natures are united is the greatest.

Notes and References
{1} St. Augustine the Great, Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of Grace, says [De Praed. Sanct. xv], "By the same grace every man is made a Christian, from the beginning of his faith, as this man from His beginning was made Christ," and the man became Christ by union with the Divine nature.

Source: ST 3.2.7-10

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