Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Young Earth Creationism Tome

In an upcoming post, I will examine whether the Bible and science teach that the earth is "young." By young I mean thousands of years old as opposed to millions or billions, the latter being the near-universally accepted age of earth. I have diligently researched the creation-evolution controversy for about 29 months.

The most notable views on the issue are young earth creationism, old earth creationism (including progressive creationism, day age creationism, and gap creationism), theistic evolutionism, and atheistic evolutionism. One of the most popular old-earth views among today’s faithful is the literary framework hypothesis, an allegorical interpretation. Atheistic evolutionism is not tenable and is not worth a moment’s consideration at this point.

I will examine in detail the teaching of the Bible, the Church Fathers, and the Magisterium to see whether they testify to the literal, historical truth of Genesis 1-11 as the definitive account of the beginning of the world of creatures. I will examine geology and other branches of science and take a look at the explanations of the available scientific evidence from multiple viewpoints and conclude once and for all which view explains it most parsimoniously. Stay tuned!

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