Thursday, February 08, 2007

Theodore Drange's Miscellaneous "Evil God" Argument, Pt. 1

Theodore M. Drange, AFTB.1996:

"God killed:
1. A man who refused to impregnate his brother's widow (Ge 38:7-10)." This statement is true but is worded in such a way as to trivialize the issue. Onan repeatedly refused to do the right thing and pretended he didn't, abusing God's mercy and patience; he simply took advantage of the widowed Tamar by having sex with her and taking a blatantly anti-life stance [1]. He was trying to obtain the family inheritance when it was Tamar who was it desperate need of the family inheritance.

God ordered the death of "4. All the Amalekites, including children, and even animals (1Sa 15:3,18), [where Saul was severely punished for sparing some of them.]" (Brackets are Teddy Bear's.) Addressed at "Amalekites," inspired by the truly scholarly Glenn M. Miller.

"It is hard to understand how anyone who interprets the Bible to say that God keeps people alive for purposes of eternal torment, instead of simply annihilating them, could also suggest premise (8) of the Bible. And yet there are such." Premise (8) reads "(8) The Bible contains a perfect morality, and no ethical defects." See my November 5, 2006 post "Hell," which addresses annihilation.

[1] Onan's contraception was a mortal sin, as my good friend Dave Armstrong (I own his excellent book The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants and you should too!) points out.

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