Thursday, February 15, 2007

Request to Holtz for Clarification

Some statements Holtz should elaborate on in his "Arguments Against Christianity" are:
1. "the scholarly consensus regards [2 Peter and Titus] as late and pseudoepigraphic"
2. "cf. the differing manuscripts for Rom 9:5, Acts 20:28, and 1 Tim 3:16"
3. "Jesus failed to leave clear teachings about salvation, [H]ell, divorce, circumcision, and diet"
4. "[John the Baptist's] embarrassing baptism of Jesus is played down or not mentioned in the later gospels"
5. "The god of the Torah promotes or demands ... animal sacrifice ... monarchy"
6. "Matthew changes (21:5 vs. Mk 11:7)"
7. "the Old Testament, a patchwork of folklore, legends, and myths about a tribe whose patriarch Abraham turned to monotheism because of fertility problems"

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