Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jesus the Lunatic?

Jesus was a lunatic

Holtz’s diagnostic criteria of paranoid schizophrenia for Jesus Christ are only uniquely interpretable as hallucinations, delusions of grandiosity, and delusions of persecution in a naturalistic paradigm. Holtz cites Mk 3:21 as proof that Jesus’ family thought Him "mad." Jn 8:48 has no weight since these Jews accused Jesus of being a Samaritan and being Beelzebub which He refuted. Holtz also cites Jn 10:20, but Jesus’ numerous disciples, who were in a much better position to know Jesus’ mental state, defended Him as sane in Jn 10:21. Furthermore, Jesus did NOT satisfy the following criteria:
-disorganized speech/thinking
-grossly disorganized or catatonic physical behavior
-lack of emotion
-low energy
-poor motivation
-affective flattening
-alogia (difficulty or inability to speak)
-inappropriate social skills or lack of interest or ability to socialize with other people
-inability to make friends or keep friends or not bothering to have friends
-social isolation (spending most days alone or only with close family)

Stay tuned for answers to Holtz’s points about Jesus being chicken, reluctant to have His powers tested, and secretive and evasive about His special nature.

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