Friday, February 16, 2007

Holtz's Naturalistic Miracle Explanations: Examples, Pt. 1

Brian Holtz has suggested misinterpretation, mythologizing, and exaggeration, among other things, as being much more plausible explanations of Jesus' alleged miracles than supernatural activity. I have dealt with mythologizing in a post. Misinterpretation does not apply to e.g. Jesus' divinity claims (since they were perspicuous) and Jesus' reanimation miracles (since there is enough evidence to warrant the conclusion that Lazarus, Jairus' daughter, and the widow's son were indeed dead). Exaggeration does not apply to e.g. Jesus' walking on water because He and His disciples were in the middle [Mt 14:24; Mk 6:47] of the 28 square mile sea, which can reach depths of 150 feet.

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