Friday, February 23, 2007

Holtz on Vouching

Special thanks to JP Holding of Tekton Apologetics Ministries!

Holtz.AAC.2002: "Vouching. The author(s) of John protest (19:35 and 21:24) that the testimony quoted in this gospel is true, and admit (20:31) it has 'been written so that you may believe.' The 2nd letter of Peter claims [1:16] the gospels are not 'cleverly invented stories,' then warns [2:3] that 'false prophets' will employ 'stories they have made up.'" Oaths like this were normal for contemporary historians, since they invited scrutiny and showed one's commitment to report the truth. Holtz's suspicion is totally unwarranted. "Been written so that you may believe" does not mean "doctored to fool you" but "recorded as a true historical record that will help you to get to Heaven by instilling in you the virtue of faith."

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