Monday, February 05, 2007

Holtz on Heresies

The spread of Christological heresies proves that Jesus did not competently reveal His identity

In AAC.2002, Holtz mentions several heresies that he believes should not have existed if Jesus had "effect[ed] a competent revelation of Who precisely He was." Right now I'll tackle just a few, and address the others another time. I've already posted on Docetism.

Adoptionism [=Christ as man is the Son of God only by adoption and grace; Christ is not called the adopted Son of God anywhere in the Bible; also refuted by Jn 1:18; 3:16; Rom 8:32].
Arianism [=Son of God began to exist - He was created (genetos) and of a different substance from the Father: heteroousios; explicitly precluded by Jn 1]
Apollonarianism [sic =Jesus Christ is not fully human because He lacked a human rational mind; I demonstrate that He had a human rational mind in my Docetism post.]
Nestorianism [=Jesus Christ is two persons; precluded by Rev 1:12-18 - stay tuned for anti-Nestorian post based on St. Cyril of Alexandria's work]
Monophysitism [=Jesus Christ has one nature; this is a contradiction, whereas two natures is not a contradiction; see my post "The Incarnation is True"]

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