Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Purpose of Sacraments
The sacraments can be thought of as medicine for the spirit. God's providence provides, in accordance with human nature, signs that are corporeal and sensible to the spirit and intellect. There are seven sacraments. However, not all of these sacraments are essential for salvation.

Necessity of Baptism
Baptism is necessary for salvation. However, for those who cannot be baptized by immersion in water (this is how I will be baptized; however, sprinkling and pouring are sufficient as well, according to Ezek 36:25 and Heb 10:22), there are two other types of baptism that save: baptism of blood (martyrdom - Is 4:4) and baptism of desire. Baptism is to occur once (Eph 4:5). Baptism of blood is the most excellent kind of baptism (Jn 15:13).

Eucharist, The Chief Sacrament
The Eucharist is the chief sacrament because contains all the dimensions of Jesus Christ's body really, substantially, and immovably (Jn 6:50-59). However, it is not necessary for salvation.

Necessity of Penance
On the other hand, to be saved one must do Penance (Lk 13:3; James 1:15), for mortal sins cannot be forgiven without confessing them! Penance/holy water/bishop's blessing/Lord's Prayer is also necessary after venial sins. Unlike Baptism, it is a repeatable sacrament. Some sin still remains after the forgiveness of mortal sins (Mk 8:24).


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