Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Overview of Objections To Eucharist

Objection 1: Drinking blood is prohibited in Gen 9:4; Dt 12:16; Acts 15:20.
Reply 1: The prohibition refers to animal blood, not the Lord's blood as Jesus commanded us to drink in Jn 6:53-57.
Objection 2: A literal Eucharist is cannibalism.
Reply 2: It's not cannibalism, because we eat the accident of bread and drink the accident of wine, but the substances supernaturally present are Jesus' real Body and Jesus' real Blood.
Objection 3: The Eucharist is not to be found in the Apostles' Creed.
Reply 3: This is because a creed is simply a brief summary and doesn't contain nearly ALL the doctrines of a given belief system.
Objection 4: There are no good linguistic or historical reasons to accept the Real Presence.

Reply 4: In 700 A.D., an Italian priest who was starting to doubt the Real Presence saw the Host become real flesh and the wine become real blood, which were fresh through 1970 and confirmed by scientific testing. There are many other confirmed Eucharistic miracles. Secondly, many of Jesus' disciples were so disturbed by Jesus' teaching as to walk away, but Jesus did not say, "Wait, I meant that this is a symbol or representation of My Body and Blood." He emphatically affirmed several times that it IS His real Blood and real Body.


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