Monday, November 13, 2006

Abortion Discussion Pt. 2: Rape

Rape is undeniably intrinsically wrong. It is violent and traumatic for the woman and she needs compassionate, prayerful counseling. Rape rarely results in pregnancy, but what about the times when a child is conceived? Abortion (murder of the baby) does not follow; two wrongs do not make a right, and to abort the baby would be to match violence with violence against an innocent person. The child conceived is not at fault; it is unjust to murder an innocent unborn baby for the grave sin of his father. The baby is a victim; it is only the rapist who is the aggressor. It is better for the woman to give birth to her child; she will not have the guilt of murdering the baby.

One fact of life is having to care for persons when it is not convenient for us; we are still obligated to care for those people. Bearing a child would be laborious, but it just unjust to murder someone of whom it is inconvenient to take care. The intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking Roman Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong made a perfectly analogous scenario. A young, helpless child turns up at the door of an isolated, warm home in the arctic. Leaving the child to die would be wrong; instead, it is necessary to give the child food and shelter. If the pregnant woman does not have the resources to care for a child, she may arrange for care by loving foster parents for the time being.


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