Monday, September 11, 2006

What Are Your Memories of 9/11?

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I came home and it was a beautiful, cloudless day with no wind. My parents were weeping in front of the TV as footage of the Twin Towers collapsing played back. We had learned nothing of the tragedy at school, unlike some neighboring districts, and one at neighboring district the faculty covered up the tragedy and created an excuse for kids not to go outside. I was a little confused. I had seen the towers two days before (my mom had seen a bearded, fundamentalist Muslim in military fatigues that day as we left the city) and had wanted to go inside them someday. I went upstairs and was a little depressed. That day I hung out with a good friend and when I mentioned the tragedy, a neighbor told me to be quiet because her young daughters had not yet heard the depressing news. Later, at home, I remember flipping through channels and except for kid's channels, the only subject airing was the attacks on America. I was shocked at the prospect of possibly 10,000 fatalities. I felt distinctly different, and this feeling, which is very hard to describe, lasted through September 2002 but has all but disappeared since then.

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