Monday, September 04, 2006


The Kennedy family is obviously a remarkably interesting group of people. A few years back, while doing some spring cleaning for a family friend, I found a book about Edward Moore Kennedy in the basement. It is Teddy Bare, written in 1971 by Zad Rust. The book makes a persuasive case that the Chappaquidick incident was no less than murder on the part of Ted Kennedy, the "conscience" of the Democratic Party. A couple of years after that, I skimmed through a book called Sons of Camelot, and now I'm interested in the JFK assassination. Lawrence Leamer's diligently researched Sons of Camelot is a must read; Leamer uses superb prose and insight to illuminate the tumultuous lives of the entire Kennedy family.

JFK conspiracists, to make their case, often poison the well with a garbage heap of phony evidence:

No Foreknowledge
Neither Richard Case Nagell, Rose Cherami, nor Joseph Milteer had foreknowledge of JFK's assassination.

Ricky White forged a diary in an attempt to show that his father, Roscoe White, was "Mandarin," a Dallas cop who murdered Kennedy.

Richard Milhous Nixon didn't say that the Warren Commission was a hoax.

The photos of Lee Harvey Oswald carrying the rifle are genuine, as demonstrated by author Gerald Posner.

No Oswald Double
Oswald had no double.

Mark Lane
Mark Lane promotes lots of disinformation, e.g. by distorting the testimony of such witnesses as Jack Ruby and Julie Ann Mercer.

Ballistic evidence supposedly ruled out Oswald's rifle as the murder weapon; yeah, right.

James Files A Fraud
James Files is not a credible figure; his alleged confession is a lie that has been exposed by such journalists as Edward Jay Epstein.

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