Friday, April 28, 2006

Outline of Response to Brian Holtz's "Atheist Cage Match Challenge"

My eventual response to Holtz's "Atheist Cage Match Challenge" will probably have a table of contents like this:
1. Basic 12-Step Argument for Christianity
2. Theism -- cosmological/moral/ontological/teleological arguments, definition, coherence (omniscience, omnipotence, omnibenevolence), atheist and agnostic arguments, other views of supernatural agency
3. Bible -- inspiration, authorship, dating, alleged contradictions, morality of Yahweh and other ethical matters (slavery, women, Canaanites, firstborn of Egypt and other plagues, Noachian Flood, Midianites, hardening of Pharaoh's heart, sexual ethics, sacrifice, Amalekites), historicity and reliability, canonization process
4. Prophecy -- Biblical dating, extra-biblical documentation, nature of prophecy, Second Coming of Christ, importance
5. Jesus Christ -- genealogy, virgin birth, infancy, childhood, ministry, family, character, Trilemma/Quadrilemma/Quintilemma, Resurrection, Ascension, Second Coming
6. Gospels -- harmony, authorship, dating, reliability, formation, canonicity
7. Miracles -- answering skeptics'
' anti-miracle arguments, Old Testament, New Testament, internal corroboration, external corroboration, alleged mythologizing/hoaxes/delusions/hysteria/hallucinations/misinterpretations/rationalizations
8. Resurrection -- eyewitnesses, harmony of accounts, physical nature, dogs theory, swoon theory, mistaken identity theory, wrong tomb theory, mass hallucination theory, stolen body theory
9. Afterlife -- immortality, justness/nature/coherence of Heaven, justness/nature of Hell
10. Trinity and Hypostatic Union -- a Quaternity?, a contradiction?, Biblical basis, heresy, Jesus' claims to be God

There will be dozens if not hundreds of Biblical and extra-Biblical citations, and I will do my best to condense the information into 50KB without omitting key information.