Saturday, April 29, 2006

Justification for Iraqi Regime Change

It's time for thinking people to stop complaining that we should never have went into Iraq. Saddam, who hates America and supported anti-American terrorists (including, believe it or not, al-Qaeda -- there is hard evidence for this that has been largely ignored by opponents of the Iraq War), fired Scud missiles into Israel and Saudi Arabia, admitted his desire for nuclear weapons, murdered more than 1 million people, forcefully annexed Kuwait, used nerve and mustard gas on Kurds living in Halabja, violated the 1945 UN Charter agreement to disarm nukes, and committed scores more crimes against humanity. We already have a good track record in Afghanistan [1] and Kurdistan, as our military ended tyranny and provided prettymuch stable autonomy there. The cruel, irreligious dictator Saddam Hussein needed to be removed from power; with all our resources we as responsible and patriotic Americans couldn't just stand there and allow Saddam's butchering to continue.

"But Iraq had no WMDs!" The weapons weren't found there because they were moved to Syria!

More thoughts coming soon.

[1] I met an Afghanistan vet today; God bless him and praise be to God that he is in excellent mental and physical health and was never maimed in combat.