Sunday, April 16, 2006

Contra Catholic Study Bible

The Catholic Study Bible by Donald Senior, et al states that Apostolic Matthean authorship of the Gospel of Matthew is “untenable” because of Matthew’s dependence on Mark and apparent knowledge of the Roman War and destruction of the Jerusalem temple. However, Matthew 5:23-4, 12:5-7, 23:16-22, and 26:60-1 indicate that the Jerusalem Temple was still standing at the time of composition. Reading this Gospel, one notices that the author, a Hellenized Jew, seemed very at home in the Roman world, just as St. Matthew the tax collector would. In the story about a publican follower of Jesus, the author refers to "the house,"which is to be expected of a person writing about their own house in the context of a third-person narrative. Alleged Matthean dependence on Mark will be evaluated soon.