Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mary Queen of Heaven

The Catholic doctrine that Mary is the Queen of Heaven is unbiblical

The Catholic idea that Mary is our Mother and the Queen of the New Davidic Kingdom has a solid scriptural foundation.

Christ On the Cross
In John 19:26, Jesus says "Behold your mother" while dying on the Cross. His words apply to all of us, and he wasn't merely telling John to take care of Mary after He died.

The Woman In Revelation
Revelation 12:17 says that the woman's offspring follow Jesus Christ. The woman is Mary, she is our Mother, and we are her offspring . Mary's spiritual Motherhood completes God's family covenant.

Marian Intercession
Jesus lets Mary intercede for the people on His behalf in John 2:7.

Old Testament Parallels
Psalm 45:9 shows that Mary the Queen of Heaven is at the right hand of the Son of God (Jesus).
There is a bridge between 1 Kings 2:17,20 and the New Testament. King David didn't refuse his mother in the Old Testament Kingdom. Jesus is the new King and doesn't refuse the requests of Mary Mother of God, the Queen. Mary succeeds the Queen Mother of Old Testament times, interceding on our behalf . With these parallels established, 1 Kings 2:19 shows that we honor our King Jesus Christ when we honor Mary our spiritual Mother.