Sunday, March 26, 2006

Holy Water

Holy water is Biblical. Aaron and his sons were washed in holy water in Exodus 29:4; 30:18-19; and Leviticus 8:6. The priest uses holy water in Numbers 5:17, and God uses "the water of remission" to convey His grace in Numbers 8:7. Holy water is used in worship in King Solomon's temple in 1 Kings 7:38-39. In John 9:6-7 Jesus uses clay and spittle to give sight to the blind man in order to show that God uses material things He created to convey His grace and heal us. The apostles' feet are washed in John 13:4-10 so that they are ready for sacramental priesthood. Based on John 19:34, the Catholic Church uses holy water to show that the Lord's water gives life and presents the power of Jesus Christ in baptism, the Eucharist, etc.

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