Wednesday, March 15, 2006

As a fellow New Yorker, I hate to say it, but American Idol contestant Kevin Covais's performance last night was rather pitiful. His dancing was extremely awkward. I think he has potential but he doesn't belong in the competition at this point; Kevin should not have made it into the top 12; Sway and Gideon are much better singers and performers. Too bad Gideon didn't make the Top 12; I am confident that he would've done a great job singing Stevie Wonder songs. I didn't realize that Stevie Wonder is so hilarious until I watched American Idol; God bless him.


Kevin D. Johnson said... went from looking at the differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants taking a good year to what? Five days?

That is just hilarious. I would suggest reading more and trying some books that might offer a decent rebuttal (at the very least) to much of the fundamentalist Roman Catholicism present in Armstrong's books.

Kevin D. Johnson

Will Huysman said...


LOL.I better stick to my original plan; thanks for the advice.

What are some examples of Armstrong's fundamentalism in his books?

ReformedCatholicism: cool site.