Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Iran Must Not Be Given Nuclear Weapons Technology

It is safe to give nuclear weapons and help out with nuclear technology in Iran

Iran must not be given nuclear weapons. Iran violated U.N. non-proliferation protocols. The fact that Soviet Union, Pakistan, Communist China, India, and North Korea were given nuclear weapons does not mean that Iran should be provided nuclear weapons. Iran is a corrupt Islamic theocracy whose rulers have sought worldwide attention and status by sponsoring insurgence and terrorism beyond their borders. Iran wants "peaceful" nuclear power and yet it's completely self-sufficient in energy production; it has enough natural gas to last for several centuries. Iran can't create nuclear weapons on its own, so it probably can't guarantee the protocols needed to prevent their misuse or theft. Iran has enough oil reserves to blackmail countries that need petroleum, enough terrorists that can be armed with dirty bombs or sheltered under a nuclear umbrella, and the money needed to buy influence and exemption from the law.

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