Sunday, February 05, 2006

Strong AI

Strong AI is false. Mental functionalism is based on the fallacy of ignoring the fact that the mind-brain problem is chiefly a problem about the ontological status of minds, as opposed to their functional properties. Functionalism cannot be the whole truth about the nature of mental events. The essential distinction between minds and machines remains and cannot be eliminated; there is an upper limit to the intellectual achievements a machine could make. The views that support strong AI--ontological monism, nomological monism, epiphenomenalism--are false. There is no plausible naturalistic explanation of consciousness, and believing such an explanation will someday be found is based in faith in naturalism, and naturalism is false. While functionalism can at best explain the functional aspect of mentality, it cannot provide a warrant for the strong artificial intelligence claim that that there is no essential difference between mind and machine.

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