Friday, February 10, 2006

Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott, a devout Christian, was the first student murdered during the 4/20/1999 Columbine massacre committed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Today her older sister came to my school. She made an extremely powerful, inspiring, and thought-provoking presentation about Rachel's life and the Columbine massacre that lasted about an hour. Ms. Scott described Rachel's Challenge [1] and I will meet it. Rachel strongly valued acts of kindness to everyone, and those who are new in school, handicapped, teased, or otherwise in need of compassion. The massacre could have been prevented had Rachel's theories been applied to help out Harris and Klebold. Rachel was profoundly mature. Her older sister's presentation was very genuine, with no lame cliches whatsoever that one often expects from a speech. Rachel, on numerous occasions, unambiguously predicted her premature death and was active in telling people about her prediction. She made a true difference in fellow students' lives, like a girl named Amber who needed friends and a handicapped kid who was about to commit a suicide he had been contemplating in detail for some time. Rachel really practiced what she preached. Another interesting thing is that on the morning of the shootings, Rachel "feverishly" drew a picture of 13 tears falling from her eyes onto a rose, and 13 drops of blood on the rose; however, she frequently drew this same picture. There were 13 victims not counting the wicked idiots Harris and Klebold, 12 students and a teacher, including 2 close friends of Rachel's younger brother Craig, who played dead. Rachel focused on drawing the picture for the classes leading up to lunch, so focused that she did not pay attention to other people who were talking to her, or the teachers doing a lesson. A man in Ohio with no prior knowledge of Rachel's drawings dreamt that she was crying onto a plant which was growing each time a tear landed on it. God bless Rachel Scott and the other victims. [2] I consider Rachel Scott a martyr and saint.

More thoughts on Columbine coming soon.


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