Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Panentheism Is False

Panentheism is false. Panentheism denies miracles [1] and posits creation ex deo or creation ex materia, both of which are false (coming soon). It is wrongly ethically relativistic. It states that God is changing, which is impossible [2], and that God is dependent on the world. Panentheism is self-defeating. The panentheistic God is self-caused, which is impossible. The panentheistic God is infinite and finite, necessary and contingent, and absolute and relative, but this is contradictory; the panentheistic bipolar concept of God is incoherent. The changing universe must be caused by an uncaused, unchanging Being who transcends and is not limited or changed by events in His creation. Contrary to panentheism, God does not learn because He is omniscient (coming soon).

[1] a.
b. more posts coming soon

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