Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hell Is Perfectly Fair

Eternal punishment for temporal sins is unfair

Only eternal punishment will suffice for unrepented-of mortal sins against the eternal God. Since evil is contagious, it must be quarantined; there can only be an eternal Heaven if there is an eternal Hell. Jesus Christ's temporal suffering for our sins satsifies God eternally, and our temporal sins offend God eternally.

God does try to reform people; this occurs during life on Earth. The unreformable and unrepentant go to Hell. God cannot force free creatures to be reformed, because this is cruel. Humans are free and know better and therefore should be punished for their evildoing.

Unbelievers willingly rebel against God in time, so there is no problem with Hell (separation from God) being their chosen eternal state. Unbelievers in Hell bring majesty to God's justice, and believers in Heaven praise God's mercy. God realizes that loving the entire world and losing some of its inhabitants is better than not loving them at all. Hell is avoidable; simply repent in earnest.

That Hell exists is supported by strong evidence [1]; don't be delusional and reject it just because you don't want to believe in it.

[1] http://thebananarepublican.blogspot.com/2006/01/it-is-hard-to-find-atheist-who-did-not.html