Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jesus Did Not Hallucinate

Jesus often hallucinated

Holtz says that Jesus had "hallucinations: hearing or seeing God, Satan, demons, and angels." This charge has an antisupernaturalistic bias, but supernaturalism is true and miracles are possible and actual. In addition, many sane contemporary eyewitnesses reported the same experiences. Holtz says that Jesus was delusional in His belief that He had miraculous powers, but Jesus actually performed many miracles. [1] Holtz claims that Jesus was "unable to be tested on demand," but Jesus healed many people who requested healing, fed 5,000 people, escaping from being stoned by a mob, etc. He claims that Jesus was misinterpreted. However, Jesus claimed to be God the Son, proved Himself to be God the Son, was resurrected, and His followers view Him as God the Son. In addition, Holtz states that deception is a possibility, but the disciples were men who taught and lived according to the highest moral principles of honesty and integrity.

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