Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lies From Hamas

Hamas is not a terrorist organization

Hamas claims that it advocates Muslim-Jewish harmony and reconciliation. BULL! Hamas is totally opposed to the existence of Israel and wants to replace it with an Islamic theocracy. Hamas emphasizes jihad (holy war) as the sole and immediate means to solve the problem of Palestine. The following are some of the lies that came from Muhammad Abu Tir: "The presence of Hamas is a guarantee of safety and stability in the region. Any money that is given to us will be channeled to the correct path."
"Our problem is with the Israeli occupation. Israelis are killing our children. The West has been oppressive, too. "
"Stop calling us terrorists."
"If a proper Palestinian state were established, then all the militias would melt inside the Palestinian Army.""We are open to the world. But the PLO has negotiated with Israel for 30 years. And what did Israel do? It did not reciprocate."

Visit and where these and a myriad of other lunatic charges are thoroughly eviscerated.

Originally published 2/3/2006 10:15 P.M.